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Coining a Phrase (in the original sense) Really Awfully Profoundly.

Most look at one side of a coin, And flipping it over don’t try; It is most distinctly annoying They never the obverse will spy. Though those viewing both sides are better, And think, thus, all bets they will hedge, … Continue reading

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These bits of fun-tasy are in response to the Weekly Photo Challenge theme of Fun! © August 2016 Colonialist (WordPress)

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A Dash of Punctuation

Originally posted on Leslie Hyla Winton Noble:
 Dashing from Dashes – – — I am fond of using dashes in my writing – dash it all, why not?. However, I have tended to become lazy, and to use a hyphen…

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Morning Mood

The Weekly Photo Challenge is Morning and here are two of mine – the other day, and the top one taken this morning. Two of my favourite pieces of music relate to the morning – Grieg’s ‘Morning Mood’ from the Peer … Continue reading

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Wood the Wordle Fit?

Wordle 260: The man works with timber in mint condition, ……….Seeking shape it will contain when comes the crunch; …..Not play: his irascible disposition …..He calms as he imitates a robin’s trill; …..As the figure takes shape comes a rising … Continue reading

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Scrambled Words on Toast.

Wordle 259:   HOME COOKING BUSMAN’S HOLIDAY BY HEAD CHEF With a thrust and a twist over the grill, Unfettered by need to train, the chef will finish; And sing out to family, ‘Plates now fill; Run over to check … Continue reading

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A Cat Flap and a Flap About a Cat

I was enormously chuffed to be tagged on Facebook by my most faithful fan, now a grown young lady, who has bought (or had bought for her) all my books, and has always said lovely things about them.  She reposted … Continue reading

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Cues for More Really Awful Queues

We didn’t want to miss the boat When getting round to place our vote, So we were early there Our duty we weren’t going to shirk, But then equipment wouldn’t work, Which had us in despair; For lots of people … Continue reading

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Really Awful Blows.

AW-GUST! is known for a bit of a blow And today offered more than a bit: Various different ways it would show. But first by a rain-squall got hit. And strange straight white rows we observed on the sea, I dashed through the … Continue reading

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