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Really Awfully Revolting

Universities inductive Of bad kinds of girl and boy? When these kids try being constructive, All they do is to destroy, For defacing some old statues Seems to fill them all with joy; With no mind for people that use … Continue reading

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Cryptic instructions for using a witch’s potion:

Open chest after you submit; Pot, that date, will be found in it; Rinse it well before lid you free, or Scream at mess of ashes there’ll be! This attempt at Wordle 267 is inspired more by rhyming and economy … Continue reading

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As Re Quest-ed

The theme of Quest for the current photo challenge strikes a particular chord with me, and is write up my street! I have regarded each composition I started writing as a quest adventure for myself and the listener, and each novel was not … Continue reading

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More Punk: Chew; Hate; Shun!

I think I’m indecisive on the issue, but I’m not entirely sure about that … Following on my previous dashing post, which I have updated for greater clarity, I was reminded while doing my latest editing commission today that there … Continue reading

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This View of Home is for the Birds …

One might truly say that Cousin Lee paid a flying visit even though arriving by road?

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Really Awful Weather or Not

The weather can’t make up its mind I wish it some level could find To go into spring Or some other thing — The changes are really unkind. On Thursday we went to the pool, As soon as kids got … Continue reading

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The Last Chance

Clutch at straw, feel it writhe in grip, Champions, us, into basket flip, Dye with fire, in the weave then smite, Spring then try to resist with might; In new guise as a part of weave Straws deplorable states relieve. … Continue reading

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School Sports Kit

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The Magpies

Wordle 265 Listen to them when they meet: It must pain one, all the wild Doubt they both lean to repeat, And with talk, tilt, till defiled, Authenticity; they break From all trace of joy or love, And with gossip simply … Continue reading

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To Set Teef Really Awfully on Edge …

Let’s see what pictures I can dredge Reflecting living on the Edge  — For starters here is one of scores Which shows old home on southern shores; And this one here can show it, too: But now, from restaurant, the view; The … Continue reading

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