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A stroll in a tiny garden …

‘Benvie’ is a garden in the KwaZulu Natal Midlands, at Karkloof some 15 Km beyond Howick, which was established in 1882 by a Scottish immigrant cabinet maker, John Geekie. Naturally (haha) his interest was mainly in trees, and there are … Continue reading

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Fatal flash

    Diana To mimic kick may fade; but insulate From park, to where flash got into state To spin on rim and flip — Stepped over line, with way past limit trip. © October 2016 Colonialist (WordPress)

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Localities … locali-tease … localit-ease …

If our Local you would see, Here is one locality, Down the road, in easy reach, It is known as Kiya Beach. And another, not too far, Point Yacht Club is where we are. Show our little cottage, let’s — … Continue reading

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If Only …

‘If only …’ is one of the most heart-wrenching ways to begin a phrase after a tragic event.  ‘If only I had checked all seat belts were on …’,  ‘If only a doctor had been consulted sooner …’, ‘If only … Continue reading

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Lost at Sea

            Tall needles, grown in soil, afloat spike sky; Sails trim for trip and fill; the ketch is still in view From bridge; eyes mist to see it passing by — Breeze makes the wake … Continue reading

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Water Really Awful Fuss Over H2O

The current Daily Post Photo Challenge is, quite simply, H2O. Saw number plate on beer van stuck Which simply read: ‘H2O YUCK’ But still, when we are feeling low, We tend to H2O to go, With NaCl it may be, … Continue reading

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Really Awful Blue Outlook

If you’re into the Windows-10/Outlook-type scene And your Outlook gets stuck on blue ‘Processing’ screen, Best word of advice from the Microsoft Centre: Type what is below* into ‘Start’ and press Enter!     * Outlook.exe/safe

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