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Spied on, Identification Parade, Point of Interest, and Chick Lit to get Fired up after.

Last night I got spied on by this Cream-striped Owl Moth Cyligramma latona. They are quite shy, so I was pleasantly surprised that it stuck around for long enough for me to go indoors for my camera. One second after I … Continue reading

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Granny Grows Naughty

Wordle 284 from The Sunday Whirl. Only eleven words this week for me to use in order and cause to rhyme. That helped to keep it short and simple. If you recognise the plant, you probably have a misspent youth! The crooked grandmother … Continue reading

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Reap purposes in pictures

The current topic for the Weekly Photo Challenge is Repurpose and I have dredged a couple of topics out of older posts to show for it — because they fit, and because I can! © January 2017 Colonialist

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Really Awfully Good Past Christmas Presents with Futures  

My meerkat I have mentioned — Gift from UK family — More, quite as well-intentioned, Show how well they do know me!  A quadcopter for flying For as long as charge will last; To master it I’m trying, And am … Continue reading

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Maybe Late or Early

In May last year I sketched the outline of a melody as a piano piece, and promptly forgot about it.  However something has got me into music mode over the past couple of weeks, starting with rediscovering that wonderful Elgar … Continue reading

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Wordle 283: Transcendence Soul before birth; after death; makes the heart light — Heavy when without a spirit-touch one must cope; The stay on earth is brief, and faith is burning bright Souls reach to give up burden in a … Continue reading

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Really Awful Trumpetty Sounds

This Bridge Should Have Been No Trump Contract The USA must be a dump To get a specimen like Trump In presidential upward-bump — Is everybody there a chump? A mannerless habitual grump, Quite oversize in tum and rump; You’d … Continue reading

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Swanning Around

On seeing the title of the Weekly Photo Challenge of Graceful two photos sprang to mind from our December UK visit, and I had selected both before noticing that the one by Ben Huberman also features swans.  Well, too bad, or … Continue reading

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Merely categorical …

I received some lovely presents from the family overseas this year. One of them was this delightful new meerkat companion for the one on the left I was given on our previous visit. More about my Christmas loot to follow … Continue reading

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Schooldaze …

Eight-year-old granddaughter R, entering Grade 3 (which my generation knew as Standard 1) is already involved in a hectic schedule.  Off her own bat she auditioned for Junior Choir, and yesterday received a letter of congratulation stating that she has … Continue reading

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