Schooldaze …

Eight-year-old granddaughter R, entering Grade 3 (which my generation knew as Standard 1) is already involved in a hectic schedule.  Off her own bat she auditioned for Junior Choir, and yesterday received a letter of congratulation stating that she has been accepted.

She has also been invited into the Art Club. This is an example of what she produced on the first day back at school.


Those things will be on top of all she crams into an ordinary day like today.  After school she had a Swimming Squad session followed immediately by netball practice.  She had barely arrived home when I had to take her to one of her twice-weekly swimming lessons with a private teacher. There she was called upon to demonstrate a backstroke exercise to the rest of the class.

Then came homework.

After supper she had a brief music lesson from me. I am teaching both kids piano, recorder and theory. My rule for this year is that the lessons/practice have to be every day without fail, even if fairly short and simple. Last year one lapsed day ran into another, and then a week, and so on  

She seems to be coping very well with such pressure. The question is whether her mother and grandparents will be able to do the same.  I foresee a ferry active time

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11 Responses to Schooldaze …

  1. Obviously she is a gifted child, something that just happens to a very fortunate few, which is not inherited, and can’t be passed on.

    Needs to be treasured and nurtured.

    I do wish big people would stop referring to little people as ‘kids’; they are not ‘kids’ they are children!


  2. A clearly talented young lady


  3. Stephanie Haahjem says:

    Wow! A budding artist, (I LOVE her painting-such attention to detail) musician and Olympian athlete-methinks that she has inherited your energy genes as well as creative ones!


  4. de Wets Wild says:

    She seems to have a well balanced curriculum!


  5. how wonderful she is allowed to explore multiple directions – and gather experiences that will add up to something eventually.
    Rest up so you can keep up!


  6. Wow. That is quite a bit! But it’s good practice for what it takes to be successful in real life.


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