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Murder Most Foul as in the Worst it is

Three weeks ago the life of a talented, gentle, and thoroughly admirable person was snatched away by some of the despicable vermin that increasingly crawl around this country. I had only met Iain Rossouw on a few occasions over the … Continue reading

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Robert’s Rules of Disorder, Really Awful

Gen’ral Robert, it is clear we need yer Update on some Rules for the Procedure Parliamentary meetings now should stick to — Quite a number, now, you need to flick through When one’s rising on a Point of Silence,* Or … Continue reading

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Bits of Blocked-out Sunlight

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The Really Awful Modern Degeneration

Can’t be without it to be with it.   If you would join the factions Within the modern age, There are some vital actions In which you should engage, Do get some nasty pigments To pin into your skin — … Continue reading

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A Splash of Solitude

For Solitude I heartily agree With Jen Hooks: nothing better than the sea (Particularly if that sea you reach By private access leading to the beach); On her example I will also lean By having little girl to set the scene; … Continue reading

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Just to say Rabbits …

Another month, and chunk out of the new year. Time I again concentrated on my fantasy and stuff, so instead of finding bunnies on the web or from my photo archives to say ‘Rabbits!’ wif, here again are the inimitable Scampetty … Continue reading

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