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Naming arose amazingly

          Ark(enaton) of A Tale Unfolds posted an attractive rose picture and confessed that he didn’t know the variety.  This comment string ensued: colonialist says: March 12, 2017 at 16:16 You petunia to the occasion just … Continue reading

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Empty Revenge

  Wordle 290 Beasts relish boons they expect revenge may give, A wish brims to splinter and bruise; Blanks always flash where  a story of mercy might live, But,  peeling delusion,  they lose. © March 2017 Colonialist

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Anti-Colonialist Antics and Antipathy, Bikes, and Lots of Water

The past weekend started with swimming – self at home and then we all shot off to young J’s swimming lesson. From there it was to the Pavilion Mall, where I splashed out on a new cycle computer. After lunch … Continue reading

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Fire and Brimstone

Wordle 289 The words smoke forth with bits of flame; Leaks through the mind that saw the parts to miss — Church, temple, swing flat lies of blame, But sense can track what eye may miss of this. © March … Continue reading

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Communication from a Cattle Crossing

Eldest granddaughter Immy has just received the following letter: We are, of course, thrilled.  With the reputation and performance of Oxford, only those with outstanding graduate results even bother to apply, and even then most are turned away.  We can only … Continue reading

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  Juno Watt was a bit of a clot And she gossiped quite a lot; Ivor Heard was a bit of a nerd, And he hung on every word; Hours on end Ivor’s ears she would bend — Full attention … Continue reading

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Some Roads I Have Been Taken With …

… and the photos taken of the roads taken, for this week’s photo challenge of The Road Taken. © March 2017 Colonialist

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Colonialist Hare-writ-age

With ‘Rabbits!’ I have habits To mark, of months, the first – At hares now take a stab; it’s In March what I do durst; And at a rhyme I grab, fits Of Awful I do worst; From Tenniel I nab bits — His … Continue reading

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