Knysna, rising like a phoenix

Knysna is refusing to be knocked out by the disaster, and is rising to its feet. One of the ways of helping it up is to support the annual Oyster Festival — but go easy on the water! Drink local beverages.



All Photo Credit to Makayla McGarvey

The Damage

The Knysna Fires have wreaked havoc and destruction across the town and the entire landscape. In times of great trouble, the community has shown an inner strength, and a desire to rebuild quickly and to the best of their ability. Whilst jobs, homes and livelihoods have been lost, the community has stood together, reaching from all corners of the world. Many travellers have fond memories of time spent here. There are locals who have moved away, such as popular YouTuber Caspar Lee. His appeal to his 4.59M twitter followers earned £15,000 – a rough R244, 000 in local currency.

Whilst the fires have become known for the obliteration of Knynsa, they also stretched across the Garden Route, as far as Great Brak to Plettenberg Bay. In Knysna alone, 846 houses were annihilated, with 307 suffering a degree of damage. Knysna is a…

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7 Responses to Knysna, rising like a phoenix

  1. The way the worlds going, with the global warming, I fear there are many peoples, who have not had the experience of raging bush fires, are in for a devil of a shock.


  2. Ai ek onthou skielik ‘n oud-blogger van daar waarmee ek lekker gekuier het

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  3. Lynn Thaler says:

    Wow, I don’t even know what to say about all that.


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