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A Taxing Period

I dashed Wordle 308 off somewhat, for which — as well as my recent absence — I have a good cover story. I have re-re-revised my Darx Circle cover for final printing, and am also in the throes of designing new … Continue reading

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Cats-22 Situation

We arrived at our new home with only one cat, Mr Mac, and he settled in remarkably. Then came the predicament of the two feral gingers, Pearl and Amber, and we duly adopted them. ‘No more,’ we said. But, more recently, had the wildcat that captured … Continue reading

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Almost for Flea

I riffled through these at the local Flea Market on Saturday. The stallholder said they were R5.00 each  (wow!)  but urged me to take the lot for R30.00 ($2.24 or £1.74 — for nothing!). Although I wouldn’t normally have been interested … Continue reading

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Taureg Prophesy

  Caravans across the shimmering sand Dust-rhythm shot with every plume; Chill of night to pick advent of band; With stars the prophet foretells doom — Sheets that all but foolish understand. © July 2017 Colonialist

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Just Bee Cause, Sea!

© July 2017 Colonialist

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Major Scale in Sea

Was of fish all, sharking whales Noted when it came to scales, Now, all love a sardine so Comes no ray when note is Do; Piano sole-oh you might hake Better porpoise sound can make — At my plaice was … Continue reading

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Spray Heads

Village with a Blow-hole of its own; A wave, expect to surge into the stone To swallow it, then comes a mighty quake; Laughs local tribe as stranger wet will make When standing on the edges; has a fit As … Continue reading

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The challenge dealt a cruel blow — I’ve nothing Delta I can show; The nearest to it I can come Is this one of our Stadium; It looks lots better since that day — Can’t find more recent to display. © … Continue reading

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