Hail fellow not well met.

Phone call from Younger Daughter at her work today telling me to dash off and fetch J from school before the gale and deluge hit me. I looked out bemusedly at the fine sunny day but took her word for the fact that all hell was already breaking out where she was. Raining by the time I collected her and by the time we reached home visibility was near zero. Then the hail started. Ironic as I had been exchanging comments with Ark that it is something we hardly ever get.

After we had been battered for a while it occurred to me that I had a remote for YD’s garage so we drove in and took shelter there.

We have got off lightly. Bits of neighbour roof in our garden and a part of our carport UV b roof next door other side. A demolished letter box. Sundry leaks and seepages. Whereas some have lost homes or lives.

Internet and emails down; this is sent courtesy of my phone which does not lend itself well to visits and comments. Thus a scarcity in Colonialists may be experienced.


About colonialist

Active septic geranium who plays with words writing fantasy novels and professionally editing, with notes writing classical music, and with riding a mountain bike, horses and dinghies.
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25 Responses to Hail fellow not well met.

  1. I really enjoy your blog 🙂


  2. Tokeloshe says:

    What an incredible year it has been worldwide for weather.


  3. equinoxio21 says:

    All Hail broke loose?
    Down to Hail and back?
    Hail to thee, helicopter (gran)Dad.

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  4. I think even hail would be welcomed here if it meant some rain, we are having the driest spell ever, since records were first kept


  5. Calmgrove says:

    Commiserations, can only sympathise. Good you’ve survived though!

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  6. Glad you got off comparatively lightly

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  7. Stephanie Haahjem says:

    Wow! Weird weather everywhere! The West Rand had fierce winds and I saw pictures of hailstones the size of TENNIS balls! Luckily here on the East Rand, we had a severe storm, not bad enough to do any real damage!

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  8. de Wets Wild says:

    Glad to know that you and your loved ones came through the storm relatively unscathed, though I am sure it was a frightful experience, especially for the younger members of your family.

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  9. Scottie says:

    Glad you and family are safe and OK. Carport can be fixed. Be well. Hugs

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  10. disperser says:

    Can’t like this but look forward to further updates indicating status.


  11. Pussycat44 says:

    Glad you’re ok. We’re fine up here in Jo’burg after our storm.

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