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Really Awfully Inverse Law of Blogging

  The first munch of a spot of Xmas lunch.   The Inverse Law of Blogging Is not that it’s in rhyme, But, ‘More the news for flogging, The less you have the time.’ Past weeks have been quite frantic … Continue reading

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Wordle 326 Monkeys chop-chop relish undoing cupboard strap; Their sting done, then  moon-bottomed as away they fly — Blown farewell kisses then emerge derisively, mayhap, Ere shimmy from the crime, no justice sword nearby!   We came home yesterday to find … Continue reading

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On Sunday last Younger Daughter decided it was time to revisit an animal farm that serves the best scones in the universe. She had forgotten exactly where it was, so plugged in a Google ap. to provide instructions. At the … Continue reading

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Some Things Temporary: of Consuming Interest, and of Temper Rare, She!

The current Photo Challenge theme of Temporary  suggested these to me today:                                           ©   November 2017 Colonialist         … Continue reading

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A Zoo-ma Too-doo to Roo, Doo too Being Placed in the Moo-Poo by a Book

Wordle 325 Clear taunting body-language hidden fury test; War mission on, to give a lesson as a thief; From all the dirt exposed he’s sure to slide the best — That he, again, won’t pay fills one with disbelief! President … Continue reading

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Remembrance Day and Delville Wood

I have been very involved with the annual prize-giving for the Garden of the Year Competition run by Durban and Coast Horticultural Society, and today delivered my speech in my capacity as President and handed out the cups. As in … Continue reading

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RIP Blog (not quite), a Cicada (completely), but bringing Mr Bean alive.

Many bloggers suffer under the misapprehension that it will be noticed if there is an abrupt hiatus in their posting, and that people will rush around like headless chickens wondering where they have got to. The reality is that nobody … Continue reading

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