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An Eggs or Sting Day and a Ballet Good Sinbad

Actually, Saturday and Sunday involved buying a carton of eggs and two bottles of honey. Today (yesterday by the time this is posted) merely had the feeling it sounds like. After housekeeping and such, we decided to take advantage of … Continue reading

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All Cut Up in Botched Burglary; Haul Away!

Wordle 330 Shock! Broken glass on grass this morn; Lock time passed, and chain will runner screen, Shoe pierced by shard on slippery lawn — Dogs give tongue; the bleeding man is seen. (A scene such as is repeated daily in … Continue reading

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In a Spin and Abandoned

This morning when I got up the girls were trying out the alternative swing which I rigged so that the two ‘normal’ ones are simply hooked to one side and the trampoline-like one is clipped on in their place. Squeals … Continue reading

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In the Swing of Things with a Clean Sweep

Today started with me being unable to finish breakfast because a Jungle Gym Construction Company arrived on site, and I had to supervise the boss and later BE the boss, because he left to get his car fixed. I fairly successfully … Continue reading

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Corn graduations!

I mentioned that young J is passing out of her Pre-school to move from Reception into Grade One.  Her excellent previous school arranges a graduation ceremony at the end of the school concert. As may be seen, academic dress with mortar … Continue reading

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Sundry Pictures from Recent Events/Activities

Too busy doing things like transcribing (from memory) bits of classical music (Bach and Mozart) to illustrate points in the ‘KEYboard ELEMENTS’ textbook I am currently writing to have used these pictures recently accumulated.   © December 2017 Colonialist

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Trying time trying tying puppet strings back together.

A judgment that dismisses an appallingly biased and inept head of the National Prosecuting Authority, Shaun Abrahams, is to be appealed by President Jacob Zuma. This is hardly a surprise. Although a disaster at running a country, Zuma has brought appeals … Continue reading

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