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Keeping waterlogged.

A morning spent waiting for a meeting that didn’t happen in connection with one of the estates I am lending a hand on, while I whiled the time away with more jungle gym construction for a while. Then I was … Continue reading

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Meddling with moggy in-ca(n)t-ations.

Wordle 336   Trample magic of day into dense band, with aim That you ransom tale cat told in rain to inflame, And dangerously change thereby name of the game. © January 2018 Colonialist

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Water Untide and Ran Away

And, with this, and the one below, it can also form the basis for the current Photo Challenge Variations on a Theme!    © January 2018 Colonialist  

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What a Star(t)!

    J, in her first week of proper school, has certainly shone. Within days, she was given the honour of taking one of the two class teddies home for good behaviour, and at the Friday assembly the head teacher … Continue reading

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Don’t stick around when sticks are around!

 A Stickup Warning Cassie was sleeping, legs in air When hadeda, she landed there, And favoured cat with warning glare: ‘A useful tip I’ll give for free, My nest is up in this here tree, And, near it, you don’t … Continue reading

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Swimming Saturation.

Swimming Season is with us again. How do I know? Well, for starters I have to take R (9) to her Club sessions twice a week again, and J (6) to her lessons, also twice a week.  That leaves me … Continue reading

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Creating A Clean Record

        Wordle 335   Design plethora of lies to soothe into groove; Final, none will show; dirt void; ‘clean’ vinyl will prove, Leaving chime present to sponge out the song — When one is done, then it … Continue reading

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A moment when sound seems to stop.

The memorial service for our friend was held yesterday. It went smoothly despite me having to write out some of the music from memory late the night before, and a few last-minute glitches at the Chapel. In the evening his … Continue reading

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Double Start and Emotional Moment

  To Senior Primary first day, R, And Primary, first day, J, Already R has got quite far, And J is on her way!  It is with pride I see them steer, Thus, further, as they may, But can’t avoid … Continue reading

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The Abomination of Poultry Sacrifices

Saturday was occupied with more involvement on the two estate matters (I obtained a Death Certificate on the one, and traced and spoke to the Executor on the other), gardening, and work on jungle gym, as was today. At least … Continue reading

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