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Still Splashing Out

Kids who swim have taken over our waking hours in pooling their knowledge. This morning I had to dash to their school to deliver R’s sports bag. She had left it at home in the usual departure chaos, and needed … Continue reading

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See Sea Crop Circles by Poisonous Delish Dish.

See this and be amazed; the puffer fish is never fazed When looking for a mate, a pattern-making course he’ll skate, And types of puffer fish can form a most expensive dish, Though poisonous as hell, some chefs are trained … Continue reading

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  In Wordle 337 I am more intent on writing the words in the order given, rhyme, adding very few words, and coherence, than I am on creating poetry. Post missing spectacle from spin In mint condition from the ink … Continue reading

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Lost Days, Drier Humour, and a Painful Subject.

Dear Sirs,/ Month that I ordered duly received, But I feel in this matter I have been deceived; When counting the days, A shortage displays — Please forward three more, or I’ll feel aggrieved. In Jan I had use of … Continue reading

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