Nazis and Animal Rights

The Day 15 Prompt: ‘A villain faces an unfortunate situation, and is revealed to be human (but still evil).’ 

I thought of having Jack the Ripper crying bitterly after stepping on a frog, but then discovered a surprising facet of what many regard as the most evil regime in history: 

One cannot lose sight that the fact of it’s
That Nazis were Animal Rights Activists;









Adolf Hitler as a monster is known,
And yet it can most easily be shown
That he and Nazi leaders of that time
Caused animal abuse to be a crime;





And Dagwood and Hitler both share a bond
In that both of a Blondie were most fond;
Hitler’s was Blondi, Alsatian and friend,
And she would remain with him right to the end.

About colonialist

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17 Responses to Nazis and Animal Rights

  1. Much of our medical knowledge came from the Nazis. They realized how foolish animal research is. If you want accurate science you must test on humans. I do not believe in forcing anyone to submit to invasive procedures but invasive research on human volunteers does go on and has produced valuable scientific advancement. Testing on animals is junk science.


    • colonialist says:

      ‘Volunteers’ is the key issue. Had the Nazis confined it to that they would be lauded for their advances. As it is they are tainted with the humanitarian considerations. I do agree about the junk science aspect, as well as the fact that it is morally repugnant. The argument that it is ‘only an animal’ and that human lives might be saved as a result does not weigh with the truly civilised.


      • I believe in the concept that any species that feels pain should have their needs taken in to consideration. I always found it hypocritical though when people talk about the Nazis experimenting on the mentally retarded but have no problem with experimenting on animals with more mental complexity. I’m glad that you are consistent in your beliefs. I agree that “volunteer” is the key word. I am in the process of studying some of the cutting edge invasive experimentation that humans are volunteering for in the area of neuroscience. Many of these are epilepsy patients. There are more humans than we think who will volunteer for research. When the NIH concluded that chimpanzee research yielded little to no benefit to human health and weren’t worth the cost it took to house them in the laboratories federal funding was finally cut off and now the last of the laboratory chimps are being retired. It makes you think. They admitted that using chimps who share 99% of our DNA are not useful for research. So why the hell use animals lower on the phylogenetic scale like cats and mice? Because they’re cheap and easy to handle unlike chimps but the truth is, even less useful to research.


  2. Adolph was also a teetotaller and vegetarian I believe, a very strange man

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  3. So many humans find it easier to be soppy about animals than to treat their own kind with even simple humanity


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