Multitools and Climbing to go with Dolls Dresses and Teddies, and a Monkey Circle

Today is the 7th birthday of Youngest Granddaughter. I have a picture of her from Oribi Gorge on Tuesday doing one of the things she loves best: climbing and clambering.

She was playing with my Leatherman Multitool yesterday on the way to swimming, and she asked wistfully whether she could have one for her birthday. I laughed, but then thought, why not? So I got a decent multitool (not a Leatherman, but a more reasonably-priced lookalike) which I presented to her after school today. Her Ken doll, clothes, and MP4 player (as some of her other presents) promptly got upstaged, to the slight chagrin of her mother and grannie.


She even took it with her to Spur for a birthday dinner this evening and was annoyed when they wouldn’t let her wear it into the play area.

Another amusing instance of mini-synchronicity occurred today. I visited the blog of de Wets Wild, and that made me remember that we had seen some unfamiliar monkeys at the gorge, and I decided to google them so as to mention the sighting in a comment on that blog. The species was promptly identified as the Samango Monkey  and the link given as a reference was … wait for it … that of de Wets Wild!

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16 Responses to Multitools and Climbing to go with Dolls Dresses and Teddies, and a Monkey Circle

  1. nrhatch says:

    Good for you ~ sounds like a great gift for a 7th birthday! 😀

    Happy Birthday, J!

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  2. Jy is ‘n oupa duisend! Veels geluk aan klein J.

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  3. Happy Birthday J.
    Two of my daughters have birthdays this week, today and tomorrow. I think one of them would have been delighted to receive a gift such as that. As it is I purchased what she asked for – garden centre vouchers and a bottle of wine. The other asked for beauty shop vouchers, I threw in the bottle of wine!

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  4. travel460 says:

    Dis darem net die lekkerste lekkerte om vir ons kleinkinders iets te kan gee wat hulle regtig graag wil hê. En veral as dit iets is wat oupa ook na aan die hart lê.😁

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  5. de Wets Wild says:

    Obviously she’s not the kind of princess that will allow herself to be locked up in a tower! Happy birthday to her!

    And so happy that Google sent you all the way back to us! 😀

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  6. Widdershins says:

    Youngest Granddaughter shows great taste in toolery. 😀

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