Camelot in Durban: dazzling.

The KickstArt production of Camelot will be running from 18th May to 3rd June, which doesn’t give much time to enjoy it. How do I know you will enjoy it? Because, as I said on their Fb page before swiping their promotion below, ‘Utterly magnificent. What a superb production of this classic show. Acting, singing, sets, costumes, lighting, sound, and direction are all of the highest levels.’

‘Don’t let it be forgot

In Durban there’s a spot,

For one brief, shining season

That will feature Camelot’!*

*(Apologies to Alan J Lerner)

We took the 7-and-10 year old grandkids, and although they sat through it behaving themselves I think it was not as enjoyable for them as the pantomimes and similar they have grown to love. It does have delightful music and quite amazing spectacle (for a small theatre production) but it is more an adult story with a great deal of food for thought on the levels of forced marriages as opposed to true romance, and also how fleeting what we create will be — and yet may still have enduring qualities beyond all expectations.

The show this evening enjoyed a rapturous standing ovation.

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4 Responses to Camelot in Durban: dazzling.

  1. Jou kleinkinders is bevoorreg om so ‘n opvoering te kon beleef.


  2. Love lerner & Loewes work,
    I know it sounds a bit bizarre, but I’ve never seen it live,never had the opportunity.
    I ‘d have loved to have seen the original with Julie Andrew, Robert Goulet and Richard Burton


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