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Oh I Do Like to See Beside the Seaside

I do love to stare into the pools, Though the creatures that live beside the seaside When looking up at us must think us fools! Oh, it’s luverly wand’ring at the seaside And especially at a low spring tide, And … Continue reading

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Changing Cars Like Underwear . . .

Now, Younger Daughter has a perk Of often changing cars at work, So every year or so would find We had wheels of another kind.         This year has been a bit absurd, May, new Avanza was … Continue reading

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Really Awful Loss of Two Old Friends

‘Twas in July two years ago That I let everybody know How shoes of mine had let me down, And caused a fall upon my crown. Well, after that, what could I do But buy a shoe glue that’s named … Continue reading

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            Idea to span audacity; Aware, granted capacity; Probe a deal it’s spoken will control, And turn a terrible term, into a role. © August 2018 Colonialist

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A Human Reserve and a Game Reserve

One of the ironies a blogger faces is that when there is a great deal to blog about, there isn’t enough time to do it in. With lots of literary things happening — watch this space! — I am battling … Continue reading

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Running Races and Temperatures

  Today we had to be at the grandkids’ school early for the Annual Sports Day for the Junior Primary Component. Young R continued with schoolwork as usual while younger J sat outside on a stand and yelled, or did … Continue reading

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The racist ‘Poor Little Me’ complex carried to extremes.

An article currently appearing on MSN news: JOHANNESBURG – “You speak English so well” are words many people of colour in South Africa have heard at least once in their lifetime. However well-intended it may be, though, it’s simply offensive. … Continue reading

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Enough to make one Fume

        Smokes are mysteries you should mean to hide Stare with howls, as through mouth side Green menthol cloud rolls one can’t abide — A mist never tongues or lungs should have tried. © August 2018 Colonialist

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Really Awful Tale Piece

The Really Awful Fall of Juno Watt Juno Watt is a bit of a clot, Maligning people madly; With her pretence that she knows what’s what, Which she carries out quite badly. Her gossip is said With a nod of … Continue reading

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Traffic Light Solicitors of Handouts BEE Imbalances

  Black Economic Empowerment Or B E E for short, Is meant to say how many sent, From each race, in jobs to sort. But means all those who blacker show Are to be put in jobs, For whites, though, … Continue reading

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