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Final Evil 1 Timekeeping

No, I am not taking up timing Old Nick. What that should read is: Fina Level 1 Timekeeping Fina being: Fédération internationale de natation. Today my results came back from the exam written on Saturday a week ago. I passed … Continue reading

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High Chirping

          Ah, speckled bird with lilting song — Thin notes that blend in quiet morn — You yield in rain to longing born In sky, to brilliant rippled course belong, Far from the dusty earth forlorn. … Continue reading

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Don’t Believe in Beliefs

  Religions that impose compulsions not to interfere with an insect from an apiary … you must bee leave! … are actually going to get you stung. How ridiculous that ‘must believe’ statement is. When you hear something, it either … Continue reading

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A Blazing Temper, Flaming Fury, and Burning Ambition, Quenched

      Regular readers, if such exist, will recall that in June I had to give haircuts to a lot of trees that were blocking signals from a new router. This caused a quite enormous pile of branches, twigs … Continue reading

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Really Awful Natural and Unnatural Causes

  We have a lovely neighbourhood That always entertains, Last night yard-hoppers thought they should Seek out ill-gotten gains. But Younger Daughter heard them here And sounded the alarm, At which they scooted off in fear And just our gate … Continue reading

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Wigmaking on a South Sea Island

                Skein on bones; refrain from twine; Shade the weight for wig, size nine, Sea-shells bend into design; Shame, no stones? They would look fine. © August 2018 Colonialist  

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Needing Heads Examined.

Little J had her head examined to the extent of looking like something from outer space. An EEG examination is recommended for trying to find the reasons for seizures. Now we wait with bated breath to see if anything emerges. … Continue reading

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Really Awful Rhyme for no Reason

I’ll be walking down the aisle upon the Isle of Capri It took a lot of wile the while I got her to agree; The ringing of the bell will show my belle will not rebel — She’d excel locked … Continue reading

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Awww, GUST blows in with a blast!

  August is our month of gales and the first of these was duly dished up today (now yesterday) with all the trimmings. Nevertheless, it has been an amazing opening to the month. I started by tracking down some useful … Continue reading

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