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Found this on the web and couldn’t resist swiping it from the spider and playing with it a bit:

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            Can’t stand to know worry on face Shows knock can’t talk about; Awful sex blend would bring disgrace; Here, plans to withhold facts, no doubt. © September 2018 Colonialist  

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True Landowners in South Africa

I have attended meetings regarding colonialism and who has done what and is entitled to what in South Africa, addressed by various respected individuals including academics with high qualifications, that incline me to the view that everyone including these people … Continue reading

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Putting On Airs With Table Manners

As promised on 11th Sept Our date at school we duly kept; The picnic on Grandparents’ Day, We did in our upmarket way, And down our noses looked around At blankets scattered on the ground; Our photo it was duly … Continue reading

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An Astrology Charlatan.

    Where shine, show chain of stars in line; Calculus, with root of nine; Sliver sets game afoot to feign a train — A crime one should disdain, To falsify such design.     © September 2018 Colonialist  

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The Far Side of The Far Side

    © September 2018 Colonialist

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Automatic ‘Copy WordPress Posts to Facebook’ Function

I was annoyed when this facility was removed amidst a flood of incomprehensible jargon and computer-jabber. I was even more annoyed when google and Bing searches gave more of the same, but the gist was either that it was no … Continue reading

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