Sea Here, Just Down the Hill from Home

After a cold and misera-bubble day yesterday, featuring damp descending with enthusiasm (filled the pool again), today had cheered up a bit. At least it didn’t have the chilly gale that rendered my morning swim yesterday rather unpleasant. Of course, this morning featured the water chilled from yesterday, so I was happy to complete my quota of swimming strokes for the day and climb out.

It was then decided, though, to head for the beach.  I resumed shorts and sandals I abandoned a few weeks ago when winter did a comeback, and off we went. The new monstrosity being built on the edge of the slope enabled me to pinpoint where our house is; a person would need to be quite far out to sea to spot our own buildings. The houses on the skyline, centre, are in front of our place.

This is the part of the beach below where our home is. The enormous crowd visible in the centre is our family party.

What can be seen between houses and beach does explain where the wildlife wandering across our garden — particularly by way of monkeys — is able to hang out when not busy visiting humans. Of course, some of the wildlife, like snakes and toads and ibises, does just fine by simply staying in our garden. They don’t need this forest patch going down to the sea.

A habitat in the city for numbers of wild creatures. Also, if one is not careful, for squatters.  There is, also, a path going up some distance to the left but it is not as convenient to our home as we would have wished.



One may see the monster-housitty that is growing up to obscure a chunk of our view, and blocking the side view of a friend who lives to the left of it, at the top of the hill here: 

The houses between us and the sea. They have no direct access to the beach as we used to have.


Here we have a closer look at our area of interest.

Should you be a YBK (Yellow-billed kite) wishing to fly over our home, you would set a course directly between the monster-housitty and that house with the angled roof to the right of it.


The beach features some good areas for rock pool exploration at low tide, and for that strange species snorticus snorkelarius to flip around in.

Several flipping flippers are visible here, and also the tips of snorkels if one could magnify enough.


There is lots and lots of sand and water to provide all the amusements children find in sand and water.  The swimming areas are provided by a tidal pool, and by bathing beaches further along to one side and the other.

That is the tidal pool in the background.
Need I mention that the foreground features the grand-girls?


© October 2018 Colonialist

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28 Responses to Sea Here, Just Down the Hill from Home

  1. Debra says:

    What wonderful proximity to the ocean and I can imagine hours and hours of exploration and enjoyment. I’m sorry for the huge house blocking some of your view. That’s a battle played out here in Southern California coastline neighborhoods as well. I would be very frustrated!


  2. I sometimes wish that I was able to swim, then I think that it’s better off that I can’t, I’m bound to have finished up as entrée for a great white.


  3. How lovely to be so close to the sea!


    • colonialist says:

      ‘Close’ is relative. I do miss our previous home where the garden ran down to the beach, and my early childhood home at Knysna heads where the lagoon was ten steps or so from the front door!


  4. Sue W says:

    So wonderful for the girls to enjoy.


  5. Great place for children


  6. de Wets Wild says:

    Glad to see you making full use of your local amenities!


  7. susielindau says:

    Must be getting warmer there!


  8. disperser says:

    Nice description of the area (sorry for the monsters infesting the hillside).

    It is nice being able to scamper down to the beach when one wants to commune with the ocean. I shall miss it when we move back to the mainland.


    • colonialist says:

      Even with monster the beach makes up for it.
      I don’t think I would be happy too far from the sea. Tried it; didn’t like it at all.


    • disperser says:

      The funny part is — if there is a funny part — is that we don’t do anything other than look at it. We don’t fish or swim in it nor do we own or get on boats. Basically, it’s the view and waves and sound of waves. Over two years on the island and the only saltwater I’ve touched is the occasional few drops from an overly-enthusiastic wave.


  9. Arkenaten says:

    I would use the term Planning Permission but I guess you would respond ”What? Are you completely mental?”

    Looks cold and mis., much like up here in Joeys.
    I can handle a day of rainy weather but that’s my lot.
    Besides, it is interrupting my house painting.


  10. We have a large block of flats and loads of beach huts along the prom adjacent to our beach here. You cant see the water from our house, but you can sure hear it!

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