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Entertaining Creatures at Chantecler

Yesterday we all went to provide entertainment for the fish, buck and peacocks to be found at Chantecler Hotel in Drummond, some forty minutes or so from home. It is not cler . . . er, clear . . . … Continue reading

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Brutish British Royals Still Shoot Peasants

    A Boxing Day custom that’s really unpleasant Is how British Royals still shoot at a pheasant, The old ones can’t help it; the practice is rooted, But for all the young ones it needs to be booted. If … Continue reading

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Border Cross (Non-Canine)

Today’s Wordle has rather clearly got the sound of Trump pets, and drums up missiles Donald cannot duck. With hope seek poor the joy of border crossed — They waste their risk; an open welcome lost; For flood of both … Continue reading

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Disgusting Barbarism at Clifton Beach

                The recent descent into ignorant savagery by a group of protestors at Cape Town’s Clifton Beach must be condemned in strongest terms of disgust and outrage. It is still unclear what circumstances … Continue reading

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Yacht Club Before Storm; Then, STORM!

  We decided quite late after a steaming hot summer day to head for the Yacht Club for supper and so that the kids could swim in their pool. Alas, we had barely arrived and settled ourselves when a westerly … Continue reading

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  Though fat-headed officialdom Feel it should now be known As Day of Goodwill, where I’m from: Leave Boxing Day alone! Although the day no more refers To Wenceslas’ deed — Distributing boxed charity To all the poor in need … Continue reading

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Christmas Day

Merry Christmas, Everyone! For your bemusement, let me offer what Much Better Half had to put up with by way of a present because the present wasn’t present. This sheet of paper was handed to her: Now, how did we … Continue reading

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Delights of Durban Botanical Gardens on Christmas Eve

    Perhaps it will give some idea of the scope of the display if I mention that we and our Christmas guest from UK walked for well over two kilometers  to take it all in! © December 2018 Colonialist

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Tea ching old sea dogs new tricks

  Sea dogs, when one may view ship shadow early morning, Brew, one notes, when shaken, while still yawning, Time spent thus should stop — That treat string out, lest efficiency drop.   © December 2018 Colonialist

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Like us, the entire Pooch Pack are feeling the effects of passing years. All of the dogs have been with us for over twelve years. Annie the Africanis now moves with difficulty, the two Maltese, Gemma and Ni(gel), are not … Continue reading

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