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Monster no More; Swimming gets Boot.

The Monster Under the Bed, that became The Monster Under the House, is now a fairly normal domestic kitty. If, that is, one that is difficult to get a decent shot of!  Here is the best of many recent tries. … Continue reading

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  Line blocked: scraps stuck in drain; To blow through, is a hazy plan to strike them free again? No! Climb up, slide stick from high — then message get: Water flows, but tap left on, so floor is wet! … Continue reading

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Yeo-ho-ho-ville Pirated

In a recent post Arkenaton of A Tale Unfolds featured the above picture taken in the suburb of Yeoville in Johannesburg. In response to a comment of mine he wrote: Yeoville, like so many suburbs in Jo’burg is not what … Continue reading

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Concerted Valentine Party

On 9th February I saw this competition, featuring two tickets to KwaZulu Natal Philharmonic Orchestra concert on Valentine’s Night:   As may be seen, the second half featured Elgar, whose music we are both fond of, and I thought, … Continue reading

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Things Going Swimmingly — and NOT

Morning spent inside a barrel With commands of, ’Do not move!’ Clad in rather scant apparel The occasion to improve, Has but little to commend it I can bring into my mind, And I rather would forefend it Even though … Continue reading

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Out of Power

    Load-shedding of current supply Is raisin’ concerns as to why In-sultana patience, from merely Stage Two, Abruptly a move to Stage Four they should do, Whereby twice a day, for a lark, Deprived of spark, things all go … Continue reading

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Filters with Sand

Today featured breakfast (with filter coffee) at our local surfing establishment near the beach, and then (after some tips from a friend on the wiring) a final completion of my sand filter installation. Neatening-up will follow later. Testing was interrupted … Continue reading

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