Yeo-ho-ho-ville Pirated

A typical Yeoville street in the present.

In a recent post Arkenaton of A Tale Unfolds featured the above picture taken in the suburb of Yeoville in Johannesburg. In response to a comment of mine he wrote:
Yeoville, like so many suburbs in Jo’burg is not what it once was … as you can imagine.
My own response to that was:
I have good reason to know: my maternal grandfather, a Rand Pioneer, had his double-storey home (or mansion, rather), ‘Fairlight’, in Yeoville in the good old days. Wish I could trace a picture of it I know I have seen lately.
I duly traced it, and here it is. The house was demolished in order to build a block of flats. Yes, I’d say Yeoville has suffered a decline . . .

Fairlight in Yeoville


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15 Responses to Yeo-ho-ho-ville Pirated

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  2. Lizzie Ross says:

    Looks like the great setting for a novel!


  3. I drove through Yeoville recently, quite by accident. I was shocked at the terrible state of it, the houses are dilapidated and the streets are so dirty.


  4. Gorgeous house. Yeoville has certainly gone way downhill. 😱

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  5. Sue W says:

    Beautiful House. I have been amazed at some of the mail I’ve received over the years with only a house name !

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  6. Arkenaten says:

    Impressive. Can you remember which street it was on?


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