Talk of Writing Wrongs

GloMoWriMo Day 15 Prompt is as follows:

‘Today, I’d like to challenge you to write your own dramatic monologue.’

I write; but when I write then should I yearn
For all to like what I set out? And if they spurn
My words, then should I be most vexed,
Or maybe, just a little bit perplexed?
For that which flows so freely from my heart
Transcribed with many a hesitant stop and start,
Is much a part of me that I lay bare;
Then how can I respond without a care
To cold receptions of these phrases which
So much have cost, and with so many a hitch;
How can it be that I do not lament
The non-appreciation of such testament?
Must I in sorry mourning slink away,
Or yet, instead, in proud defiance stay,
To rage at all the ignorance of fools
Who don’t appreciate my written jewels?


This poem is purely for dramatic effect, and does not reflect any sudden sad disillusionment at reception of my novels.

The trip to the airport was undertaken with a car the headlight and front panels of which I had fixed or secured with sticky tape. Replacement parts have been ordered and should be fitted soon.

In fact, Elder daughter, who departed today with a tearful scene at the airport. had given a much-valued complimentary assessment and helpful suggestions for incorporation in the next print of Darx Circle. A ‘fewer’ for ‘less’ substitution, and a missing ‘to’ were among her contributions, as well as a suggestion that near the beginning it would go down better these days to avoid saying someone deserved a spanking. She originally echoed the words of my editor in suggesting that one early scene be cut or abridged, but after finishing the book said she realised the purpose it had served and agreed that it was a necessary part of the development.

© April 2019 Colonialist

About colonialist

Active septic geranium who plays with words writing fantasy novels and professionally editing, with notes writing classical music, and with riding a mountain bike, horses and dinghies. Recently Indie Publishing has been added to this list.
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15 Responses to Talk of Writing Wrongs

  1. To rage at all the ignorance of fools
    Who don’t appreciate my written jewels

    Thought you were having a shot at me with that first bit, then I remembered you’re a colonial gentleman, as am I, and you’d save your salvo’s for those less worthy.


  2. Desdi says:

    Rage on, rage on . . .

    You do it well.

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  3. Widdershins says:

    Nice bit of poetry there 🙂 … great that you have an ‘in-house’ editor that you trust. 🙂 … I have one of those too. 🙂


  4. Dis so swaar as hulle kuiers verby is…

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  5. She seems a good editor


  6. disperser says:

    Long ago I resolved and committed to being a perpetual fan of whatever I do. That’s so that I’m assured of at least one appreciative audience member (and one whose opinion I greatly respect; both a bonus and a curse, that).

    These day, among things that grate is the immediate “like” after I click “publish”. It’s almost as bad as when someone I don’t know “likes” eight or nine posts all in the span of ten seconds, leaves no comments, subscribes to the blog, and is never heard from again.

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    • colonialist says:

      The way I look at it is that it is better for someone to take the time to glance at posts and do a ‘like’ than not to bother with them at all. If they do it again I may respond; otherwise ignored.
      By the same token, I occasionally will drop a ‘like’ after a perfunctory glance when really pressed for time, just to show I’m still around.

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      • Widdershins says:

        I ‘like’ if I’m passing by but either don’t have time to stop or just to let the author know that I took the time to read what they wrote and didn’t have anything to contribute to the conversation. On the other hand I do like to chuck my hand into the fray whenever and wherever possible. 😀

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      • disperser says:

        It’s one thing when a person I know does it . . . it’s another when someone I’ve never heard of clicks “like” a minute after a posted something.

        Still, my personal habit is to not leave a like unless I’ve read what was offered. Otherwise — much like on Facebook — the “like” loses all meaning.

        I once suggested to WordPress they add a “stopped by without reading” or button. In that regard, I prefer the star or ranking system, but after in the many years I had that available, no one used it.

        Perhaps what WordPress needs is a variety of buttons:
        “I just had time to click this button”
        “I got a notice you posted something but I’m having intestinal issues and can’t linger”
        “Nice of you to post stuff but I’m swamped right now”
        “I only had time to look at the photos”
        “This post holds little interest, but keep posting because I like some of your stuff”
        “I looked at one photo and that overwhelmed my senses and I didn’t want to overdose”
        “Other blogs offer more interesting stuff right now, but keep trying”


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