An Icy Reception; Warm Hospitality.

Today was the dual birthday party (slightly in advance) for both younger grandkids. They and their mother chose selected friends as guests, and the Ice Rink as the venue. This went down well, indeed, although most of the kids also went down well indeed at one stage or another. Daughter managed to avoid falling, and grew in confidence and proficiency. I grew in envy, but realised it might not be a good idea to do something like skating so soon after a major op, and while still under treatment.  Some other mothers took dives. The few fathers were rather good.

I couldn’t resist having a brief go at the Climbing Wall, and found to my joy that I can still suspend myself using finger-and-toe-tips, and hold for long enough with one set of fingertips to grab the next hold.

The Ice Rink catering was excellent, and it will be hard to beat this as a venue for future such occasions. I could see both kids adding confidence and skill as the morning progressed.  I must mention one young friend of the kids who has my unqualified approval. She requested a vegetarian meal, and it was taken that her parents would want the same. They clarified that only their daughter fell into that category. After a ritual slaughter carried out by her father according to custom, she had announced she no longer wished to eat meat. All credit, too, goes to her family for respecting her wishes.

I had better post this asap, because my internet continues to be everso iffy and goes off for hours at a time for no apparent reason (in fact, it died again in mid-preparation).

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30 Responses to An Icy Reception; Warm Hospitality.

  1. I do wish you’d stop referring to the children as kids; something that really gets under my skin. They are children not kids! 👿


  2. Debra says:

    What a fun party for Rhiannon! And it’s good to see you’ve got what it takes to fully participate. Good climbing! 🙂


  3. Widdershins says:

    Happy Birth Day to the grand-offsprings!!! 😀 … If I were ever tempted to get on the ice I will insist on a bob-sleigh with oars, or something similar to propel myself along. The thought of trying to stay aloft on two tiny skinny pieces of sharp metal has absolutely no appeal for me, whatsoever! 😀


  4. Neeeeeee so klim is glad nie goed na ‘n operasie nie!


  5. Fletcher says:

    I believe that learning to ice skate you start off with a chair.


  6. Maybe next year you will be on the ice


  7. Sue W says:

    The year has passed very quickly, it hardly seems a moment since their last birthdays.
    Happy Birthday Girls! Sounds as though a good time was had by all. 🙂


  8. Dit lyk na ‘n heerlike fees. Jy is ‘n baie stoute oupa om teen daardie muur te gaan staan en klim – ek dink jy gee al jou meisies grys hare! Geluk met die verjaarsdae ❤ ❤


  9. Stephanie Haahjem says:

    Sounds like such fun! I am also greatly impressed by the young vegetarian, good for her! Please give my “Happy Birthday” wishes to both young ladies.


  10. disperser says:

    Nice. Even the ill-advised climbing.


  11. A great idea for a birthday celebration and well done to you for hanging on to the climbing wall. I’ve never tried it but admire those who tackle it. Ice skating was not my forte either. 😳 Happy Birthday wishes to your granddaughters. 😘


  12. looks like an epic bday celebration for 2 🙂


  13. David Davis says:

    Ice skating I would do, but not a climbing wall–at least not more than six inches off the ground.


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