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Cannes Just Make It.

I have been fully preoccupied over the past several days with editing a movie script, against a 12h00 deadline today for submission to the Cannes Film Festival, on an unfamiliar software programme of considerable complexity. Not to mention, utter perversity. … Continue reading

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Giving Tongue About End of Silly Season

It gives me greatest pleasure to declare That now our silliest season of the year With school holidays, at least a few, Plus other ones, and Easter too, And two grandchildren birthdays due, Are well and truly washed out of … Continue reading

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A Legacy of Idiocy

On our latest visit to the Royal Natal Yacht Club I was reminded of the steady conversion of the now hated legacy of Colonialism into a new legacy of foolhardiness, short-sightedness and ineptitude by the present regime.  The monument to … Continue reading

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Maid Day, M’aidez!

My day yesterday consisted of a visit to the dentist for a filling, then a visit to Oncology for checkup and drip (progress is good) and then delivering my buggy for panel beating after the recent incident. At least I … Continue reading

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