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Retired and Re-tired

Once more no internet, once more, And to resort to mobile phone the score, In truth I’m lousy at it, so the blame There lies with me retiring from the game; I’ll not be here while internet I lack, But … Continue reading

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Whoops! Again but Not a Gain; and Now a Loss, Alas!

My poor little buggy has suffered another bash. This time, with incredible skill, I managed to line up a pillar exactly with the blind spot while reversing, and one of those happy crunching sounds came from behind. Another new light, … Continue reading

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Totally Re-kit-ulous

Yes, we have added two more feral factory kittens to our domestic collection.  Nine, nein nein! From each a little mew, And what can you do?   © June 2019 Colonialist

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Back to Heights of Endeavour

Returning to my pruning expedition earlier, here we have granddaughter’s picture of me after having gone beyond the top of the ladder, set next to a repeat view of the ladder alone. Undergoing another form of tree-t-meant? © June 2019 … Continue reading

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Medical Musical Mutters

(S)Canned Music (Sung in a mournful minor key) I must now relate Once more had a date For that awful fate To sit there and wait For jabs of some dye To take hold, is why, Until I could lie … Continue reading

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Hooray for the Circus?

Cages will cross into city Stench from all these mobile cells Deny soap, giving no pity, Evil, why make sleep in short spells, During each trip huddled on floor Re-crossing border just crossed days before. © June 2019 Colonialist

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Highs and lows

I’m going to bed, and will forget About wrestling with a horrible internet; But my own praises quickly sing Re rising to the heights in gardening Then one-forty-nine steps went scrambling down With crab from the depths to play the … Continue reading

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Father’s Day and Grandfather’s Day

Father’s Day last Sunday started with the daughter and two grand-girls bouncing into my bedroom to wake me up with a gift of a lovely bright LED lantern, and two cards from Jeneva as shown. The one, very much her … Continue reading

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Sleeping rough; flowers around but all not well

Ha! Some windows of opportunity seem to be popping in and out of the internet. Let me see if I can get any of my stored posts through . . . Cut dogwood under stars rough bed to make, There … Continue reading

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Internet I can’t get

My internet has gone again And may come back I know not when Though mobile phone within my powers The process simply takes me hours And leaves me just as mad as, well, What rhymes with that you can well … Continue reading

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