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Another Day Another Equine Expectoration . . .

          (. . . Horse Spittal.) I was at my Board Meeting when I received a phone call,  then I had to go to Parklands at some speed, They said, ‘You know that little scan? Well, … Continue reading

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A Week to Leave One Weak

Monday saw another visit to Entabeni Hospital for an Ultrasound and then an MRI. After lunch I spent the afternoon and evening on a sample edit and quote for a book from a writer in Nigeria. Today, after a night … Continue reading

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Seagull Rescue to C.R.O.W. about.

After many hassles to get the file up and going, I was just about to start an edit, in favour of which I had declined a visit to the beach, when the beach party returned with a Kelp Seagull that … Continue reading

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Boring but Really Awful Subject.

Today we attended a talk given by Johan Bodenstein, an esteemed local environmentalist, on the menace increasingly posed by the Polyphagus Shot Hole Borer Beetle. It is rampant in Johannesburg, which may soon cease being the biggest urban forest in … Continue reading

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Caterpillar Rescue

© July 2019 Colonialist

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Growing in Cuteness; Childhood Misconceptions

Hearing a rendition of the Afrikaans song Jan Pierewiet, taken from the call of a bird known as the bokmakirie (the bokmakierie, Telophorus zeylonus, is a bushshrike). recently reminded me of the false impressions I originally had of the words … Continue reading

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Really Awful Weak

A moanday starts off the workday week, And moans will quite abound; With chooseday you choose a rest to seek — No energy you’ve found; On whensday you ask when will it end, This awful drudgery? By thirstday you’re going … Continue reading

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