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Notes on Music and Breakfast

I like going to flea market more than a store Brekkie noshables I will buy there more and more, With bananas and honey and raisins and bix All to go in with yoghurt in a perfect mix; And though half … Continue reading

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100-Word Flash(ing) Fiction

  I have had a yearning, recently, to keep my hand in on Flash Fiction and have been looking for a home for such pieces. After failing to find one quite suitable, I thought of doing it anyway. The first … Continue reading

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Trump to Buy South Africa

Seeing that Trump’s Greenland bid has failed, His ambitions further now have sailed, And attention presently is caught On S A as somewhere to be bought; One condition laid down for the sale Is for a new government; all male; … Continue reading

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A Really Awful Fix for South Africa.

I’m going to start a party South Africa to win, Which will, just for a start-y Make violent strikes a sin. By introducing martial law The process will begin So anybody with this flaw, Will simply be done in. Survivors … Continue reading

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Imp-press-ive Press Agent.

Once again we find ourselves in local media. The number of times this happens could only be achieved with fame and/or a good Press Agent. Take the number of deserving subjects in the background of this picture in The Glenwood … Continue reading

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Getting in a flap again over a Wordle

Those with reasoning quite lacking in sufficiency, Of the Apartheid flag now rant and rave, Thus demonstrating mental-type deficiency — The Union was where it was meant to wave, But then, these nitwits have no better source of wrath, Than … Continue reading

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Shopping at Den of Parasites

Saturdays, take car and park it Just outside our flea-type market, And, inside, I wander round Seeking bargains to be found; Sometimes with a vague idea Of what I am seeking here, Sometimes with a shopping list, But prepared to … Continue reading

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Fursday and Fryday Fingies

Free of medical appointments today and yesterday, I had some time and opportunity to do a bit of pottering. There was a dentist appointment for J in the afternoon, but he took a quick look and said nothing needed doing, … Continue reading

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You’d think that interest would now flag In an outdated strip of rag; But, no! The Court now seeks to screech That use of it makes up ‘Hate Speech’; OK, the ban is not complete, But use at all might … Continue reading

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Wordle 417

Chemical Equipment Destroyed During Auction Weight bid, if doubt exists? Shallow, bizarre ground then twists, Entry tubes are spent with crash, Making a clear offer trash! © August 2019 Colonialist

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