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Going Out on a Limb; a Driving Necessity

Today we went through the painful exercise of driver’s licence renewal. Up early to get there early, it was ‘take a number’. Then the elderly and infirm were singled out for the fast track while poor Younger Daughter was left … Continue reading

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A Good Dog and a Question of Licence

Here we have Loki in the only mode where he is out of mischief. He actually takes delight at being yelled at. With new legislation that spanking in the home is illegal, he is probably going to take over completely. … Continue reading

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Foutain of Youth

Doctor says where I was headed I was very nearly deaded, Two types of cancer, both stage four, Had me right at heaven’s door; Fact that he can be so frank Shows that, modern meds to thank, And some bits … Continue reading

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Family Matters

Elder Granddaughter posts on Fb: Happy birthday to my badass mother, Kerryn Thomas. She is just about the most modest and self-sacrificing person I know, so I’ll take this opportunity to show her off a bit. Having spent her career … Continue reading

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Pooling Resources

Can you believe it; what the heck? Again the internet in check; No sign of it when I awoke, I don’t regard it as a joke! Late afternoon with a return, I don’t want midnight oil to burn, So yet … Continue reading

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Blow It All

The Flea Market was a lot more active than last week, and after a visit to PostNet to give a correct phone number for the author, I sallied forth into it with enthusiasm. Apart from replenishing cigarette stock for Much … Continue reading

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Robin First Copies, Hypnos with Cat, Apollo with Delight, Dracula without Delight

It’s really hard to say What’s taken up my day: Just sending books away, And blood tests: an array. The Author Copies, few, Are badly overdue; I needed blood tests new, For Monday, it is true. Then fitted some new … Continue reading

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