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Drastic Pedal Action to Level Dud Church Organ

Stroke Mass on keys all shot That grunt and wail;  The wind goes off the rail — To phobia entail — Stamp, flash, and level got! September 2019 Colonialist

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Now Snow Icy?

Still rooted in the theme of cold, At Gateway we chilled out, And there, indeed, we did make bold To let kids play and shout While flinging snowballs with great zest At Mom especially, And see whose snowman was the … Continue reading

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No Current Affairs

No matter how I keep on slogging I simply can’t keep up with blogging: Woke up yet again to see Lack of electricity, And it only came back on When we to a braai had gone; Fat lot of good … Continue reading

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Current Affairs: You can even see the wallpaper frieze!

This iceberg has just washed up on Durban Beach. Well, if you can believe it is a natural iceberg, surely washing up on our beach is credible? Actually, it IS a natural iceberg, but it only feels as if it … Continue reading

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Indentured to Take Out From Scratch

After losing the services of my faithful carriage for a few days, I was able to collect it in a somewhat improved condition. This time, the damages were mine own or by person or persons unknown with shopping trolleys and … Continue reading

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Thief of Time — or Adder?

Leanne Cole asks whether procrastination isn’t just laziness? My comment took the form of one of my Really Awful Rhymes: ‘Procrastination is of time the thief’? Consider, though, that ‘Look before you leap’ Can give more time, and save you … Continue reading

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A Dozy Day

Today, when came the time to rise I stayed, to everyone’s surprise, In bed where I was happy I was pinned in, completely; quite; By cats, as I had been all night, They both had status nappy. My breakfast I … Continue reading

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