Going Out on a Limb; a Driving Necessity

Where’s the cat?

Pearl living dangerously; teetering as she dozes off.

Today we went through the painful exercise of driver’s licence renewal. Up early to get there early, it was ‘take a number’. Then the elderly and infirm were singled out for the fast track while poor Younger Daughter was left wallowing with the masses.

It was depressing to note that the majority of those present were clutching forms for Code 10 (Truck or Lorry) licences. These entitle one to drive a Light Motor Vehicle as well, but the skills taught don’t really qualify one to do so. I fear that the statistics of stupid driver error by those at the wheels of  normal cars holding such licences must be alarming.

Our singling out didn’t help us. The desk we took our documents to triumphantly pointed out that we didn’t have an up-to-date proof of residence. Indignant protests by Much Better Half that nothing in the renewal notice had indicated we needed one, and that we were still resident with YD who has such proof, fell on deaf ears. Sister-in-law had her ducks in a row, so in due course she completed her exercise and we took her home (via bank to get an attested statement of account bearing our addresses).

Back again, and another number to get us to the scrutiny of documents line. Then another number to arrive at the eye test/cash desk — at least that was all done in one. Now a six-week wait for the new licences to be issued.

Such fun.

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11 Responses to Going Out on a Limb; a Driving Necessity

  1. Ah, the Department of Motor Vehicles, it’s the same wherever you go.


  2. libraschild says:

    only a six week wait? i gave up on my drivers. thank goodness i have an overseas one now too… tried to book repeatedly (you need a booking). Can’t get in… always fully booked. Never mind as you say, the truck drivers who have very limited driving ability that they need to prove and are allowed on the road.


  3. de Wets Wild says:

    The pleasures of an inept bureaucracy… Now the hoping and praying starts that when you pitch up in 6 weeks time the license cards will in fact be there!


  4. SueW says:

    Mine is due in January but it’s done online. I could use existing photograph, but that was taken online from old passport that is actually twenty years old! Still no one questioned!


  5. Ugh! Ours have lapsed. We have Florida licences which we’re very quick to obtain once we’d passed our tests.


  6. perdebytjie says:

    Been through that last year, but five years fly away…what a terrible pain!


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