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Sleep Addiction

I blogged too late the night before, Not taking of my rest a score, So when it came to sleep, I carried on for all today, And did not bring the blog to play, But simply counted sheep. Chorus: Hey … Continue reading

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Delightful comedy of manners: A voyeur age of discovery into Private Lives.

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Steven Stead and Clare Mortimer as the couple who can’t live together yet can’t live apart. A scene from KickstArt’s Private Lives. …………………………………………………………………………………… Stage: Private Lives – Elizabeth Sneddon Theatre, UKZN campus, Durban REVIEW BY BILLY…

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Geese in Hieroglypics or Camouflage

During a visit to Durban Botanic Gardens today, this family of Egyptian Geese wandered up almost underfoot. I have had to sharpen the picture for the goslings to stand out a bit — they are well camouflaged. It is good … Continue reading

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A Total Math-up in Homework

Is there anyone who can give me a straightforward method, other than trial and error, for the following kind of problem set in today’s Grade 5 maths homework (and, no, they aren’t working with equations yet):- “Mia goes to the … Continue reading

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Chance, Luck, Synchronicity, Coincidence and Déjà vu

Yet another example of synchronicity, involving the Titanic, has inspired me to revisit the topic. I have dipped into it periodically, including here: Jung has, as quoted in the above post, provided a definition that lifts it beyond mere … Continue reading

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October 21st Anniversaries

A few years ago on October 21st, in 1805 to be exact, a little sea battle took place that has become well-remembered, as has the British Admiral involved, one Horatio Nelson. He won the battle but lost his life. Another … Continue reading

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Bad Acting in a Silly Naval Play

Wordle 426 Laugh while rue the draft as sham, Signal, ‘Shell craft’ going viral, Dense the sop from shallow ham, Acting in a shallow spiral. © October 2019 Colonialist 

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Bad-tenberg Publisher

Methinks this new system of blocksIs packed with the most awful shocks;Who ‘fixed’ it, pray tell,What worked really well?He really deserves some hard knocks. For when you just want to revert,The system will then do you dirt;You try and you … Continue reading

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I have to Shed Ap Again

Load shedding is scheduled to start Though shared posts was close to my heart I have been away For best part of the day — Shed tears it now keeps us apart! © October 2019 Colonialist

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Shed Up, Curse It!

Back to ‘loads that are now shed’I just simply went to bed;Now that lights have come back on,Back to blogging I have gone. Seems quite crazy that time spentOn one’s blogging, with intent,Must depend on current’s whim —Oops, did I … Continue reading

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