Here Currently; Hair Today; Gone Tomorrow

These lines are em-per-tee!

We are back to the famous Load Shedding. The power utility is once again unable to cope, is running out of fuel and capacity, and has equipment breaking down faster than they can repair it. So they go back to their tried and trusted solution: if you have trouble in supplying electricity then simply stop doing it.
At the moment we are on a daily session of two hours of blackout. I fear they are gearing up to extend this. Crass mismanagement, graft, incompetence — you name it.

Hirsute suits him!

On a lighter side, I am becoming light-headed already. Wads of hair are separating themselves from my scalp. That, after only one treatment! No doubt at all, I will soon be giving a good billiard-ball imitation.
I’m cool about that, particularly as within a year or so it should return to former glory, but what I am extremely miffed about is the impending loss of my characteristic moustache. I’ve had it since early twenties and have become very attached to it. The thought of becoming detached horrifies me. I never dreamed there would be a fall-out between us.

I have had a pretty active day, but more of that later.

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15 Responses to Here Currently; Hair Today; Gone Tomorrow

  1. nicolaavery says:

    Stick on ones are very cheap in the shops here at the moment due to secret santa and Christmas parties, very happy to send a pack or two.
    Hope you are not feeling too yuck and you’re through the treatment soon 😊


  2. I trust progress is continuing


  3. SueW says:

    Following hair loss after Chemo a friend’s hair came back white and very curly!


    • colonialist says:

      I don’t want white! I want it nice and dark as always! Whether curly or not is optional. Call me racist if you like, but I do draw the line at little tight curls close to the scalp!


  4. equinoxio21 says:

    2 hours black-out? And they talked about BRICS! All those politicos are con men (women).
    Sorry about the moustache. It is a shame that having retained great hair, it should fall down all of a sudden. But then, it will grow back. Be good.


  5. disperser says:

    One answer . . . glue.

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