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Active septic geranium who plays with words writing fantasy novels and professionally editing, with notes writing classical music, and with riding a mountain bike, horses and dinghies. Recently Indie Publishing has been added to this list.

Supporting and Sporting

I slept in today, Then breakfast created, Before on my way (Now feeling quite sated), A pump for the fountain I bought while en route, (In evening the mountin’ To bear needed fruit) But Queensmead first went to — J … Continue reading

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Creation of the Monster – Wordle 419 & 420

              Devour as sensual steam can envelop: From scrawny body let tiredness die  in room; Scream for pill to let changes exotic develop, Scratch, to be safe, an act to burrow to doom; Justice may … Continue reading

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Cat and Immobilised Mouse

There’ll be no more blogging today; Petal M has just chased it away; With mouse movement restricted, I have been evicted Until it’s released for more play. © September 2019 Colonialist

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Dead Backward

So Ebagum at long last popped his clogs, After sending a great country to the dogs; Although it is so often clearly said One should abstain from speaking ill of dead, He was dead stupid, or an evil man, To … Continue reading

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Water Day 5/9/2019

I may not get it right to post today, My internet (again) has gone away, But wetness featured solidly throughout, First rains of spring, there could be little doubt; At times it was a deluge and I wept That we … Continue reading

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Local Tiraders Versus Foreign Traders

The SA population is disgusting, At the least excuse they go on the rampage, For the present, ‘foreign’ stores they’re going busting, Is that envy, greed, or justifiable rage? So, here and there these ‘foreign’ shops are dealers In drugs … Continue reading

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Make Haste and Time Waste

I have been cross as you can get, Through loss of any internet; But here the post comes into play That I prepared for yesterday:       Why is it that the medical profession Can never keep to times … Continue reading

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