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Frantic Activity and Fury

Today I put in a burst of activity as the last time before the Chemo kicks in and I feel furious ambitions to sleep. First I paid the customary visit to the Flea Market, here seen from the far end … Continue reading

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A Cupboard Not for Cups

Today was spent in overseeing the installation of our new cupboard, then out on the town in the unrelentingly pouring rain to get a blood test and then to buy some items I failed to find. Even Enid Blyton’s ‘The … Continue reading

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An Empty Stage and Taking a Dim View

In the latest performance of the Electricity Supply Commission, the actors have left the stage and the spotlights are off. The announcement came that due to circumstances never their fault they have had to implement Stage 6 of Loadshedding. We … Continue reading

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Driven to Drink and In The Drink

I have spent literally hours in trying, with increasing frustration and fury, to add this picture to the previous post. The minute I try and import it, the post reverts to the brief one for the previous day, and it … Continue reading

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Switched Off Now Switched On Again.

  Just when I wake up to start blogging after a hectic morning at the Flea Market, the current is due to go off in three minutes. Bye. for now!             Right; the following morning … Continue reading

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Here Currently; Hair Today; Gone Tomorrow

We are back to the famous Load Shedding. The power utility is once again unable to cope, is running out of fuel and capacity, and has equipment breaking down faster than they can repair it. So they go back to … Continue reading

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Giddy whirl of whacky wonder — …..SoSuterBill…..

The first KickstArt production I have missed for many years. The family went last night and were utterly entranced. My seat was eagerly snatched by Sister-in-Law. BILLY SUTER reviews the high-gloss “Alice in Wonderland”, the latest pantomime from Durban’s KickstArt, … Continue reading

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