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You’d think that interest would now flag In an outdated strip of rag; But, no! The Court now seeks to screech That use of it makes up ‘Hate Speech’; OK, the ban is not complete, But use at all might … Continue reading

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An Assumption of Existing Awareness

            How can it be that all announcers will go Adding onto every few words ‘You know’, When in fact you didn’t have a clue, Being something that you never knew, And, if you did … Continue reading

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Mixed Races and Radio Switchoff

Today was the Junior Primary Sports Day at which we were in attendance from the first of the races. Things were run with normal efficiency, and it was entertaining for kids and parents alike, if a bit stressful for the … Continue reading

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No Rhyme; No Reason; 80th; Grand Parents’ Season.

Dear friends, I really think that it has reached high time I stopped subjecting all of you to Really Awful Rhyme, But so my latest doings, now, that everyone still knows, I will present them in the form of Truly … Continue reading

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No Dis-Appointment; More Raidy-Ho; Queen Dethroned.

Today another ‘-ologist’ was added to the score, This one an ‘uncle-ogist’* (raid he ate shin) you see, My count on tests is, yet again, result not to deplore — He said that I am doing well to quite a … Continue reading

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Really Awful Crime Scene

  Shot victim under sheets; Man held to wait the news How found in state that greets; Watch count of long abuse; In cell the suspect fling — No deal with him can bring. © August 2019 Colonialist

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Cats: Successful Fundraiser and Truce Stranger Than Fiction

We spent the morning at the local flea market where, true to weather report, it blew a gale for half the morning and for the other half took a deep breath and really started to blow. No attempt was made … Continue reading

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