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October 21st Anniversaries

A few years ago on October 21st, in 1805 to be exact, a little sea battle took place that has become well-remembered, as has the British Admiral involved, one Horatio Nelson. He won the battle but lost his life. Another … Continue reading

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Bad-tenberg Publisher

Methinks this new system of blocksIs packed with the most awful shocks;Who ‘fixed’ it, pray tell,What worked really well?He really deserves some hard knocks. For when you just want to revert,The system will then do you dirt;You try and you … Continue reading

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I have to Shed Ap Again

Load shedding is scheduled to start Though shared posts was close to my heart I have been away For best part of the day — Shed tears it now keeps us apart! © October 2019 Colonialist

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Shed Up, Curse It!

Back to ‘loads that are now shed’I just simply went to bed;Now that lights have come back on,Back to blogging I have gone. Seems quite crazy that time spentOn one’s blogging, with intent,Must depend on current’s whim —Oops, did I … Continue reading

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You Don’t Need an Editor?

“My writing doesn’t need editing by anyone except me. I have a good knowledge of grammar, spelling and construction, I have the plot at my fingertips, and I have the concentration needed to avoid missing silly mistakes.” Is this valid? … Continue reading

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Switch Off!

Communication media of lateAre something that I rather hate:Today on phoneA cousin’s moan On failing health she did relate, Another phone call told us stillAnother friend is far too illTo come with us to sup tonightThen, email’s been to let … Continue reading

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Golf a la Carte

We lunched at the Golf Club today; Of golf cart I got in the way; It struck me then strongly How thinking is wrongly, And shouldn’t belong-ry, To have such things brought into play: For walking that ought To be … Continue reading

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