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An Astrology Charlatan.

    Where shine, show chain of stars in line; Calculus, with root of nine; Sliver sets game afoot to feign a train — A crime one should disdain, To falsify such design.     © September 2018 Colonialist   … Continue reading

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The Far Side of The Far Side

    © September 2018 Colonialist

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Automatic ‘Copy WordPress Posts to Facebook’ Function

I was annoyed when this facility was removed amidst a flood of incomprehensible jargon and computer-jabber. I was even more annoyed when google and Bing searches gave more of the same, but the gist was either that it was no … Continue reading

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This Springs from Springs from Springs in Spring

These days to get one’s clothes online May not mean what you think: That wash and dry this may define Does not receive a wink No; shopping these days can be done While staring at a screen, On big, or … Continue reading

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Picnic Blanket for Sissies

At the flea market before last (the last one was deluged out — talking of which we now have a burst pipe down the road someplace and no water) I found this folding table and bench set and a R40 … Continue reading

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Today it rained, And water we gained, Today it rained, and after that it rained some more, Today it rained, And you’d be hare-brained Not noticing the water we did score; Today it rained, And I have refrained From mentioning … Continue reading

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Mineral Bottle Keeps Pool Filled for Over 2 1/2 Years

In February 2016 I posted about using a 2 Litre mineral bottle to top up our above-ground pool. It has continued to do so to date. At the moment, the level is a bit low and we are eagerly awaiting … Continue reading

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