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Taps & The Last Post

Latest posts strange patterns show, About which one needs to know, Things I find of interest are, Found to give out ‘No cigar!’ Seems to me, advancing age Hardly senses will engage; Far more popular the try: Petrol refill that … Continue reading

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Thawing a Frozen Outlook

    An already prizewinning writer, was wanting to send His book, that I had edited, out To enter another contest, and needed to depend On the file I have hanging about. The file is a large one, and when … Continue reading

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The world is crazy. People are obsessed with throwing away proven successes or improving things until they no longer work — or are far harder to operate than before. MS Windows is a case in point. Note the thin blue … Continue reading

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Really Awful Blue Outlook

If you’re into the Windows-10/Outlook-type scene And your Outlook gets stuck on blue ‘Processing’ screen, Best word of advice from the Microsoft Centre: Type what is below* into ‘Start’ and press Enter!     * Outlook.exe/safe

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Comments Really Awfully Moderated

  Everything in moderation, Is a maxim fairly sound, Though I feel some consternation When my comments there are found! Though deploring altercation, I think you will come to know Moderating moderation Is a better way to go. Why do … Continue reading

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Monkey Nutted

Joining on the ground floor of what is soon probably going to be a worldwide craze, here is my attempt to Peanutize myself.  I haven’t yet had the family verdict on how successfully it serves as a Peanut-type self-portrait … … Continue reading

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Add New Post on Old Screen – No More Beep Beep Boop

(Click on appropriate section of sidebar on right for translations, writings, compositions, awards and special series.) Does Beep Beep Boop drive you dilly?  Did you always go back to the older version until the option to do so on the page below … Continue reading

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Tip for inserting a link in WordPress

I find that the ‘link’ function no longer works on my blog.  That is to say, when I highlight the words I want to form the link and click the button ringed in red: I duly get the ‘Insert/edit link’ … Continue reading

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A simple little blogging tip: if ever you are struggling to get comments to ‘take’ – for example, if before or after you have written  a comment  the comment box looks like this: You will usually find that by clicking … Continue reading

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Gravatar contrast comparisons

, In response to the previous post, Grannymar invited me to play with her Gravatar.  In my opinion, the picture is fine. Perhaps the contrast could be improved, though. Until one thinks about it,  one can easily overlook how much of an … Continue reading

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