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The Call of the Sea

Wordle 339 From sand, follow wind with urge memory saves To shout ‘Outward bound!’ You miss the power and hunger of the waves — Madness of boundless sound. © February 2018 Colonialist

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Twenty-Niner World Champs, Last Sports, Rainbow that Was

My Yacht Club, Point, has an0ther world champion to add to the one it g0t in its first 100 years, which was Bruce McCurroch who won with Paul Elvstrom in the Solings Worlds of 1974.  (We have raced against him, albeit … Continue reading

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Up the creek with a paddle

The Umgeni River in KwaZulu Natal would be classed as a stream in many other parts of the world, but in South Africa we are a bit shy on moving strips of water. Anything wider than a few metres tends to … Continue reading

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Whale of a Sail

The Daily Post’s Photo Challenge for the current week has a theme of Cherry On Top. Out to sea for a sail Is enjoyment non-stop, Even on a grey day; Having sight of a whale Gives the cherry on top … Continue reading

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Partners but not in crime.

With the Weekly Photo Challenge of Partners, here are my three different versions: © June 2016 Colonialist (WordPress)

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Really Awful Spray of Lettuce

To Point Yacht Club for Fathers’ Day And saw some tugboats there at play; For Sunday, I’d say that’s their way Of indicating, ‘Let us spray!’   And, turning this all topsy-turvy, Those sprays are really very Curve -y! … Though photo … Continue reading

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Absurdle Wordle on a Shattered Sermon, Suitable for Seriously Soggy Sunday

Wordle 250 Those taking Mass, in trance at flow Of virtue-road-map rant, Found bit of news priest then would show In chant, had logic scant … Such after-shock The trance would block. And Now, the Whether. Rain continues to reign unaboated. Breathing … Continue reading

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Really Awfully Lovely Treat Meant

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Treat.” When having feelings of defeat And wanting a treat of something sweet, Nothing makes life more a ballad Than a large self-made fruit salad! Mind you, there is nothing wrong   When Pavlova comes … Continue reading

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What you can’t see on the sea, and of health and wealth.

Followers of my blog with keen powers of observation may have been conscious of a sudden deathly hush from this direction. At present we are going through a few of the things that one of my favourite fantasy characters, Wizard … Continue reading

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Weekly Photo Challenge: On The Move: Pendulum, Voyage by Rail and Sail on Sun

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