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Indentured to Take Out From Scratch

After losing the services of my faithful carriage for a few days, I was able to collect it in a somewhat improved condition. This time, the damages were mine own or by person or persons unknown with shopping trolleys and … Continue reading

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Feeding Fish and On Fish, Remedy to Special Needs, Excursion, Rhymes

        Correction It seems I got my facts all wrong When singing Elder Daughter song, ‘Remedial’ does not apply Inside the UK by the bye; No, she will set up ‘Special Needs’ And head it up, when … Continue reading

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On Saturday before the gala I went to the fleamarket with a particular shopping list in mind. Amazingly, I came away with everything I had wanted, at complete bargain prices. I got a light to attach to the shed ceiling, … Continue reading

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Let’s Cancel Today and Restart

The first thing I noticed when I got up in the morning apart from agonising twinges of sciatica was Amber, who was supposed to be locked in the main house overnight, smirking at me from a lounge chair. Then I … Continue reading

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Changing Cars Like Underwear . . .

Now, Younger Daughter has a perk Of often changing cars at work, So every year or so would find We had wheels of another kind.         This year has been a bit absurd, May, new Avanza was … Continue reading

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  In Wordle 337 I am more intent on writing the words in the order given, rhyme, adding very few words, and coherence, than I am on creating poetry. Post missing spectacle from spin In mint condition from the ink … Continue reading

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Really Awful Used Car Advertisement

Wordle 262   ‘The boot and trim slight damage’, tick — You should cringe print lifts not live each chip! Deception mist stem; makes one sick That such moonstruck yarns you spin and flip! © August 2016 Colonialist (WordPress)

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Really Awful Spare Rhyme

The Daily Post Photo Challenge for this week, needs a Spare moment spent on it. De wheel on borrowed car was flat, So in de trunk I sought de spare, De jumper-leads dat place were at, But, no, de spare just … Continue reading

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A Really Awfully Backward Rite

The GloPoWriMo day 28 for today calls for a story to go backward.  Well, I’ve always been a backward sort of person, so this is right up my alley, or left down my yella! (If you get hopelessly lost, start at the … Continue reading

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These would all have been created by those who shared the sentiments of Ferdinand Porsche:  “I couldn’t find the sports car of my dreams, so I built it myself.” They are some DREAMS which have been achieved by people who were today … Continue reading

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