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Deadly Van-dalism.

                Wheel slides in rain, glazed grip will snap Alarm box wails; gives name from mishap; Survival depends on chassis frame, But gain-bait means white van and taxi have the same . . … Continue reading

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The Knight’s Tail

                          In memory of a loyal knight Of the house of Yawk Who got an almighty fright One night when he dropped his fawk And under the table, … Continue reading

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The Mystical Treasure Map

The beginning of a treasure-hunting fantasy story in rhyme?                          © January 2019 Colonialist

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              Last memo: word with warning use Framed not to shrug off key abuse — Correction right away Makes others from crime to stay. © December 2018 Colonialist

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A Verdict on Trump as President

                            Missing potential, with bare victory, will air Evidence, to decide What we cannot abide; Rolling out, for me, a losing entity there! © December 2018 Colonialist

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Chilling out with a Wordle

    FRIDGE REPAIR MANUAL  Chill between flexible shelves is lost? Twist, lift filter, mend, defrost, If shock you dread from wires crossed, Fill in your wish to have it tossed. © November 2018 Colonia

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A reluctant flyer.

Fly pitch black, no light; Sing when runway strand can stick — Promising the sight! In machine you yearn to miss Any journey such as this; Airsick? Don’t talk flight! Forgot to post this one from the 4th November! © … Continue reading

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