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Cat and Immobilised Mouse

There’ll be no more blogging today; Petal M has just chased it away; With mouse movement restricted, I have been evicted Until it’s released for more play. © September 2019 Colonialist

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Make Haste and Time Waste

I have been cross as you can get, Through loss of any internet; But here the post comes into play That I prepared for yesterday:       Why is it that the medical profession Can never keep to times … Continue reading

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Notes on Music and Breakfast

I like going to flea market more than a store Brekkie noshables I will buy there more and more, With bananas and honey and raisins and bix All to go in with yoghurt in a perfect mix; And though half … Continue reading

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Double Wordle Non- and Little-sense

              1) Absolute Nonsense Sham lift you spray at dawn, Then shimmy down to wrap; Fit choke, call shell on lawn; In corner, scar in gap. 2) Unsuccessful Car Repairs Fit  sham part you … Continue reading

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Gala Appointments and Occasions

If I were not ill already, It occurs to me, you know, That events do go on steady Guaranteed to make me so. Take today: patiently waiting, So that patient I could be, But to find a waiting rating Just … Continue reading

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Seagull Rescue to C.R.O.W. about.

After many hassles to get the file up and going, I was just about to start an edit, in favour of which I had declined a visit to the beach, when the beach party returned with a Kelp Seagull that … Continue reading

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Communion Wordle; e-mails Absurdle

        No rain; humility will grow; God still listen, only seven round communion plate? Priest sits, old stories to let know — A string of wisdom to change where lies your fate? Though internet would stay, My … Continue reading

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