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Watson a Name?

It’s elementary, my dear: What’s pictured on your sporting gear With no colonialist show Should there, on any portion, go; The Springboks came from bad old days, But now a bloke who cricket plays Must as a Protea be known … Continue reading

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Burlesque South Africa

‘Burlesque’ definition: an absurd or comically exaggerated imitation of something … The show in South Africa put on by government and citizens generally is extending its run indefinitely, with an ever-expanding cast, constantly added material, and a steady downslide into … Continue reading

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Really Awfully Featherbrained.

  For conversation that is wise There’s nothing that’s still finer Than, you will note with some surprise, The talkative Hill Myna.   They out-talk crows, and parrots too, And make a lot more sense than The politicians ever do … Continue reading

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A Really Awfully Simple Operation to Cure South Africa …

Wiki Infected tonsils? There a Wiki  tonsillectomy is done; Appendix that’s infected?   Appendectomy’s the one;    In South Africa, it’s Zuma    Who provides the gloom and doom-a, So a Zuma-ectomy  Should most swiftly be begun. © April 2017 Colonialist

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Really Awful Self-seeking Politicians, Wordled

            Place of shame, while follow those base Who rise with eyes on gain; Kiss, near primal garden, disgrace, And reach the nation’s pain. — Adding one less extra word than the given dozen. — (Refers to … Continue reading

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Durban has a Smoking Problem …

A warehouse in the valley over the two parallel hills most of Durban’s Bluff comprises got all fired up with enthusiasm.  The pall of smoke was most impressive even from home, so after picking youngest granddaughter up from school we … Continue reading

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Culture and Religion Overrule Normal Laws and Customs

Many believe that the title above is valid. They will argue that established customs, or practices arising from what are regarded as holy sources, are of greater importance than man-made rules or modern viewpoints. Is this so? Does culture or … Continue reading

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