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Signs of the Crimes or Cut Off in Their Crime

These days seems signs like this one Increasingly appear And they are simply not done To instil needless fear, For filching and hijacking Are daily facts of life, Crime cannot be sent packing Without a lot of strife, Solution was … Continue reading

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Sporting Flora and Fauna

The Proteas when picked all wilt — Of sterner stuff they should be built: To bat effectively for hours You cannot be a bunch of flowers, And for your bowling to take wing Your step must have the proper spring, … Continue reading

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A Fruitful Occasion?

South African Elections End Apple-ly for some, Though impotent erections Up Pear-ently have come. A Naartjie is averted, Banana Republic, too? Im-Peach meant’s not asserted As something they will do. Plum-p pockets may continue Corruption without Paw-paws — Water-Melon cholic … Continue reading

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Thumbs-up for a Thumbnail Sketch

A thumb reveals a lot About the current plot; While dirty nail shows work on pool – Replacing struts with hand as tool – And mark on nail shows that my vote Into the record books they wrote, While wound … Continue reading

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A Legacy of Idiocy

On our latest visit to the Royal Natal Yacht Club I was reminded of the steady conversion of the now hated legacy of Colonialism into a new legacy of foolhardiness, short-sightedness and ineptitude by the present regime.  The monument to … Continue reading

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May 2019 Parliamentary Elections in South Africa

Cast vote not to win, but cut or diminish Overseer party power: Mouse may be worth more than rat at finish! Ideas to grin at in this hour Will crackle as factories once more flower. © April 2019 Colonialist

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When Comes the Whether

                      GloPoWriMo Day 24 (departure from prompt) Torrential rains the past weekend Went on and on and on, And those in Durban Easter spend Were better early gone. On Monday … Continue reading

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