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On Saturday before the gala I went to the fleamarket with a particular shopping list in mind. Amazingly, I came away with everything I had wanted, at complete bargain prices. I got a light to attach to the shed ceiling, … Continue reading

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Really Awfully Cut Off

Our gardener needs to be fired: When trimming some limbs on a tree Caused phone line to need be rewired As you in the picture may see; The job may look quite rough and ready, But that was the best … Continue reading

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  Line blocked: scraps stuck in drain; To blow through, is a hazy plan to strike them free again? No! Climb up, slide stick from high — then message get: Water flows, but tap left on, so floor is wet! … Continue reading

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Filters with Sand

Today featured breakfast (with filter coffee) at our local surfing establishment near the beach, and then (after some tips from a friend on the wiring) a final completion of my sand filter installation. Neatening-up will follow later. Testing was interrupted … Continue reading

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Feeling CD and Highly Out of Sorts

Last evening after supper, just when I was gearing for a spot of blogging, the lights gave a pathetic flicker and died. I still don’t know whether that was a session of planned load-shedding, or a fault that got fixed … Continue reading

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Picnic Blanket for Sissies

At the flea market before last (the last one was deluged out — talking of which we now have a burst pipe down the road someplace and no water) I found this folding table and bench set and a R40 … Continue reading

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Mineral Bottle Keeps Pool Filled for Over 2 1/2 Years

In February 2016 I posted about using a 2 Litre mineral bottle to top up our above-ground pool. It has continued to do so to date. At the moment, the level is a bit low and we are eagerly awaiting … Continue reading

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