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Unlocking a Gate

In looking to see if Rochelle had posted a new picture prompt for a hundred-word story, I found the one below and mistakenly took it for the latest.  I furiously scribbled a story, arising from reading about the hardships suffered by … Continue reading

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Divided Attention – Friday Fictioneers

The challenge set by Rochelle is to write a short story in 100 words or less (this is 100) based, on this occasion, in the following photo prompt.  An occasion for a-bridge-d flash fiction. AnElephantCant sort of talked me into … Continue reading

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Developing the challenge I proposed here: It is generally agreed that some combination of all the following elements is essential in having a good short story: SETTING, CHARACTER, PLOT, POINT OF VIEW, CONFLICT, THEME. In illustrating this, here is a … Continue reading

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Flash Fiction Fifty

As if I don’t have far more on my plate than I can chomp, I had a sudden urge to do some of the Flash Fiction I used to indulge in, as a useful exercise in brevity.  It occurred to … Continue reading

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Trilingual six word story challenge – DIY

DOLDRIEST has set the topic as DIY for her latest ultra-flash-fiction challenge, which requires a six-word story supported by a picture.  I am doing my story in Dutch, Afrikaans and English.  (The picture speaks all of them.) Lage muur hoger; … Continue reading

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Bilingual Six Word Short Story

This is for the challenge appearing in DOLDRIEST and Figments of a DuTchess for a six-word short story on the topic of Friends/Vrienden. Pictures are from Immy (drawn by Footsy2). Colonialist March 2014 (WordPress)

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Six Word Story Challenge: Dilemma

The Figments of a Dutchess Challenge: Write a six-word short story on ‘Dilemma’.   Dial Emma? Not? Can she forgive?   A horny dilemma:  who to ring?   © Colonialist February 2014 (WordPress)

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After writing down the following, it occurred to me that it would take hardly any tweaking to turn it into another entry for the Short Story 77 Challenge on the theme of The Way.  WHICH WAY? Conversation with granddaughters today, … Continue reading

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Colonialist’s Short Story Seventy-seven challenge No 1

On the basis of feedback, I have decided to give this a try based on sharing rather than as a competition, for now at least.  To play, either do a post with your 77 words (including title) and the badge, … Continue reading

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    SHORT STORY SEVENTY SEVEN   There once was a blogger who sought flash fiction challenges. He tried fifty-fives, but lost the connections. Then he experimented with others, but most players played alone.  It wasn’t a friendly sort of … Continue reading

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