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A reluctant flyer.

Fly pitch black, no light; Sing when runway strand can stick — Promising the sight! In machine you yearn to miss Any journey such as this; Airsick? Don’t talk flight! Forgot to post this one from the 4th November! © … Continue reading

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Bilingual Six Word Short Story

This is for the challenge appearing in DOLDRIEST and Figments of a DuTchess for a six-word short story on the topic of Friends/Vrienden. Pictures are from Immy (drawn by Footsy2). Colonialist March 2014 (WordPress)

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Novel experiences done; dusted still in the air

  Yes, at just before midnight last night I typed in those two little words a novelist takes so long to get to. Phew! Darx Circle has at last been converted from an unfinished manuscript to another completed fantasy. The … Continue reading

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  On Sunday we all set out inland, with the intention of visiting our nearest Farmers’ Market, at Shongweni.  How is it, then, that a sea scene was seen?   What happened was that we found a jam at the … Continue reading

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Hanging Around Up in the Air

While driving home from getting the sound on my computer restored today, I saw this sight which has become an unusual one.  Now paragliders are more often seen, but not many of those either.  At one stage there were a … Continue reading

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Really Awful Gasconade

  GASCONADE I am so very clever, And I am so very wise That I resolved, whatever, That I would reach the skies,  I got a lot of soda pop, And shook all bottles till The bubbles tried to blow … Continue reading

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Just hanging around for Wordless Wednesday …

… and playing it cool under a big fan.     Don’t forget to vote for your favourite captions in the previous post! © Colonialist June 2013 (WordPress)  

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I am combining the daily rhyme for NaPoWriMo with a 55-word short story challenge on the theme of Lighthouse: Lighthouse-keeper had seen Two lights of red and green; Got on radio To aircraft so low: ‘Go up! Straight ahead, lighthouse … Continue reading

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Now hear  ye, in my Dragon post I fain would gather votes the most, Let me remind thee: I’m a mage; Thou would’st not see me in a rage? Or yet, annoy my flaming friend, Who  might then fry thee … Continue reading

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Dragonfly sky Is my first try At the Sunday Post Which has Jake as host, And the theme you see Is ‘Simplicity’.

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