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Father’s Day and Grandfather’s Day

Father’s Day last Sunday started with the daughter and two grand-girls bouncing into my bedroom to wake me up with a gift of a lovely bright LED lantern, and two cards from Jeneva as shown. The one, very much her … Continue reading

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Ta-ta Hide’ngoseek; Hi there Hip-Hop!

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Scrambled Words on Toast.

Wordle 259:   HOME COOKING BUSMAN’S HOLIDAY BY HEAD CHEF With a thrust and a twist over the grill, Unfettered by need to train, the chef will finish; And sing out to family, ‘Plates now fill; Run over to check … Continue reading

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Weekly Photo Challenge and Fine Dining

Dinnertime   This dinner table’s set midday, And not at eventide; We do our Christmases that way – To wait we can’t abide! So if you suffer from a hunch From childhood you’ve been taught, That midday meals just must … Continue reading

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Welsh Rabbit!

Spring has sprung, and grass is rizzy – With mowers we will soon be bizzy? This picture is to say Rabbit – but this month I’ll do it in Welsh. ‘Aha!’ I hear you cry triumphantly.  ‘That isn’t “rabbit”, it’s … Continue reading

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Really awfully tyred out!

When one gets new sets of tyres, Optimism it inspires That they may provide support For some years, as well they ought.  It can therefore drive one mad To find one that it, has had! – Three weeks later cost … Continue reading

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Each bloom may well be a looker, But, to hide there on their Yucca, One supposes is for reason That they’re guilty of High Trees-on!  ‘Ghosts in Graveyard’sometimes known as, Not as edible are shown as An asparagus would be, … Continue reading

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A fare-ly comprehensive fan-fare to fantastic Christmas fun fare.

North or south, or east or west Homemade Christmas fare is best – Appetizer: liver pate (Didn’t take a shot – oh drat, hey? – My fruit salad, Christmas cake, Also failed a pic to take; Homemade gravy on that … Continue reading

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Stick around, and stick in!

A production:

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Lunchtime – and other thousand-word essays.

  We went down the KwaZulu Natal South Coast to Illovo today to meet a friend on a flying visit from overseas for brunch (for purposes of the challenge, call it lunch!) and here is my picture of the lunch … Continue reading

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