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‘An incredulous thing, to make you incredulous.’  Which word is wrong? Neither, as each usage to that meaning can belong; ‘An incredible thing to make you incredible’ — can this also go? No, for here ‘Incredulous’ the second one should … Continue reading

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Lost Days, Drier Humour, and a Painful Subject.

Dear Sirs,/ Month that I ordered duly received, But I feel in this matter I have been deceived; When counting the days, A shortage displays — Please forward three more, or I’ll feel aggrieved. In Jan I had use of … Continue reading

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A Really Awful Valediction re Downton Abbey?

How Green was My Valet If he came from Wales! Now Downton, I must say, On saying it, fails. What justification To call them ‘vallit’? American’sation Is there, quite a bit! Though dictionary Does offer ‘lit’ first, That’s  fiction-ary From … Continue reading

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Adverbs used real awful

To use the proper adverbial form It seems, sad, that is no longer the norm – For the ‘-ly’ one must sparing place So now, one’s finding requests to, ‘Come quick!’ Which makes me increasing feel a bit sick It … Continue reading

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Glyph, Ellipsis, Brackets and Square Bracket Rules

The following is a guide I formulated to keep my own thinking straight.  A glyph is a symbol used for a meaning not complete in itself. An ellipsis is a sign or glyph such as [‘ … ’] used in printed text … Continue reading

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‘Editification’ and delight – The Goddess of the Devil

Here is a Reblog from my writing, composing and editing site: Most writers tend to want their editors to remain, if not invisible, at least fairly well-hidden. Some, but not all, do give an acknowledgement in the front matter. Some … Continue reading

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A Teribil Vowel-lent Spel

    Just a warning to anyone foolish enough to visit us at lunchtime in a house we are going to be moving into – you could find yourself doing something like this! After discovering that despite having been tented … Continue reading

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