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‘An incredulous thing, to make you incredulous.’  Which word is wrong? Neither, as each usage to that meaning can belong; ‘An incredible thing to make you incredible’ — can this also go? No, for here ‘Incredulous’ the second one should … Continue reading

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Lost Days, Drier Humour, and a Painful Subject.

Dear Sirs,/ Month that I ordered duly received, But I feel in this matter I have been deceived; When counting the days, A shortage displays — Please forward three more, or I’ll feel aggrieved. In Jan I had use of … Continue reading

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A Really Awful Valediction re Downton Abbey?

How Green was My Valet If he came from Wales! Now Downton, I must say, On saying it, fails. What justification To call them ‘vallit’? American’sation Is there, quite a bit! Though dictionary Does offer ‘lit’ first, That’s  fiction-ary From … Continue reading

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Adverbs used real awful

To use the proper adverbial form It seems, sad, that is no longer the norm – For the ‘-ly’ one must sparing place So now, one’s finding requests to, ‘Come quick!’ Which makes me increasing feel a bit sick It … Continue reading

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Glyph, Ellipsis, Brackets and Square Bracket Rules

The following is a guide I formulated to keep my own thinking straight.  A glyph is a symbol used for a meaning not complete in itself. An ellipsis is a sign or glyph such as [‘ … ’] used in printed text … Continue reading

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‘Editification’ and delight – The Goddess of the Devil

Here is a Reblog from my writing, composing and editing site: Most writers tend to want their editors to remain, if not invisible, at least fairly well-hidden. Some, but not all, do give an acknowledgement in the front matter. Some … Continue reading

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A Teribil Vowel-lent Spel

    Just a warning to anyone foolish enough to visit us at lunchtime in a house we are going to be moving into – you could find yourself doing something like this! After discovering that despite having been tented … Continue reading

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  Are infinitives to safely be split? That is quite a question; To carefully be considering it Leads to indigestion – Should any adverb come to follow ‘to’ Which sets out the manner In which intended action one should do? … Continue reading

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The Real Awful Case of the Murdered Adverbs

Some adverbs real foul murdered, And we should now detect Who, intelletual stunted, Is one you should suspect.  First victim’s name was ‘really’; It was real sad to see, How he was terminated: The Yanks prime suspects be.  And also, … Continue reading

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An ‘ING’ is quite a funny th-ING. It can to words completion br-ING, Or turn a verb into a noun If you a gerund should jot down, So ‘walkING is a healthy sport’ Describes an ‘ing’-form of this sort.  Alas! … Continue reading

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