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Picturing Families Noble and Royal

While unpacking another of the thousand-or-so boxes we moved from our previous residence, I came across a folder with some of my late father’s experimental prints. As one of many hobbies, Hyla Noble was into early colour photography, developing, printing, and enlarging. … Continue reading

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Coining a Phrase (in the original sense) Really Awfully Profoundly.

Most look at one side of a coin, And flipping it over don’t try; It is most distinctly annoying They never the obverse will spy. Though those viewing both sides are better, And think, thus, all bets they will hedge, … Continue reading

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Delville Wood

Today there was a moving commemoration of The Battle of Delville Wood Centenary at elder granddaughter’s school, as an opportunity to remember the many ‘old boys’ who lost their lives fighting for their country.  This was part of the Battle … Continue reading

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History off the cuff …

A couple of days have been spent delving into large cardboard boxes piled all over the place in an attempt to rationalise some of the contents.  In the process, we came across a small item which my late father gave … Continue reading

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Why Colonialist?

Why, since inception, have I deliberately used a blog identity which has become increasingly controversial and in some (ignorant) circles is regarded as being akin to ‘racist’? I do it out of pride in my background. Note that the meanings … Continue reading

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Was I born with one of these in my mouth?

Some pieces we have now unpacked, Have for some time good cleaning lacked; Left, shows how they can be improved Before they ‘on display’ are moved. The notes give dates, in late Mom’s hand, Although, from what we understand, At least … Continue reading

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A Few Pennies for a Lot of Thoughts

For R5-00 at our local flea market yesterday (equivalent to £0-22p or $0-31c) I purchased a set of one CD and one DVD – obtainable from Amazon for £23-63 or R534-81.   For anyone who grew up in and shortly after … Continue reading

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