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Azille versus Zille

In an article published in the Natal Mercury on 11th April 2019 Stellenbosch academic Azille Coetzee joins the group of those who irrationally attack Helen Zille for views expressed regarding Colonialism. The basis for these attacks is certainly problematic, and … Continue reading

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WARATAH — a Mystery Within a Mystery

I was reminded today by Much Better Half diving into her Genealogy how important it is to record the interesting snippets passed on by one’s parents or other relatives before they are lost forever. I have already recounted some of … Continue reading

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The Longest Six, and a Stephen Foster S. A. National Anthem.

After unearthing the family Yeoville mansion picture shown here, I did some more delving and found a book ‘‘Remembering Old Johannesburg’ published by AD Donker (Pty.) Ltd. in 1986. This is filled with reminiscences by Johannesburg and Rand Pioneers, and … Continue reading

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True Landowners in South Africa

I have attended meetings regarding colonialism and who has done what and is entitled to what in South Africa, addressed by various respected individuals including academics with high qualifications, that incline me to the view that everyone including these people … Continue reading

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            Idea to span audacity; Aware, granted capacity; Probe a deal it’s spoken will control, And turn a terrible term, into a role. © August 2018 Colonialist

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Playing with Shakespeare:

Today marks the anniversary of what is agreed to have been, from baptismal records, the birthdate of William Shakespeare, and he died on the same date 402 years ago.   A wonderful way of remembering the dates was taught to pensitivity … Continue reading

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From Wordsworth to Nemesis

Day 21  After reading the myth of Narcissus, try writing a poem that plays with the myth in some way.                  If Wordsworth, lonely as a cloud, Had spotted as his famous crowd … Continue reading

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Nazis and Animal Rights

The Day 15 Prompt: ‘A villain faces an unfortunate situation, and is revealed to be human (but still evil).’  I thought of having Jack the Ripper crying bitterly after stepping on a frog, but then discovered a surprising facet of … Continue reading

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Remembrance Day and Delville Wood

I have been very involved with the annual prize-giving for the Garden of the Year Competition run by Durban and Coast Horticultural Society, and today delivered my speech in my capacity as President and handed out the cups. As in … Continue reading

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Did the Eagle Ever Land?

The trouble with school-going kids is that they have homework, and sometimes that can prove a serious distraction to parents or grandparents. Take this simple project of R’s dealing with the history of space exploration:  After duly admiring it, I … Continue reading

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