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Leftover Graze

If, like me, you should suffer a serious graze, And some gauze for repair should select, It isn’t a thing to surprise or amaze — A matter of gauze and defect! ***************************************** Leftovers from twenty nineteen: The daintiest dish that … Continue reading

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  Though fat-headed officialdom Feel it should now be known As Day of Goodwill, where I’m from: Leave Boxing Day alone! Although the day no more refers To Wenceslas’ deed — Distributing boxed charity To all the poor in need … Continue reading

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The government of nitwits Are just one great mishap, Possessing such unfit wits Can’t even run a tap! Perhaps to get them ready For running such a path Their flow might be more steady With practice on a bath. Clean … Continue reading

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Chilling out with a Wordle

    FRIDGE REPAIR MANUAL  Chill between flexible shelves is lost? Twist, lift filter, mend, defrost, If shock you dread from wires crossed, Fill in your wish to have it tossed. © November 2018 Colonia

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Actual activity deactivates virtual activity.

The more one does that one might blog about, The more one’s blogging time is put in doubt; I have been kept completely on the hop, And thus my blog came screeching to a stop! Let me at least give … Continue reading

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An emu’s sing thing —  🙂 Do emus sing? No, for a lark They grunt and bark!* And that would bring Lark to take wing! Where take it to? Maybe a zoo, For zoo can do With new wing or … Continue reading

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Annointment From a Hadeda Ibis Nest

Wordle 375 Eggs sway in breeze on misty day Attentive parents drive cats away Hatched child (or chick) in home movies features Won’t sing, but runny tum these creatures — Find the corn set out today Sent back down in … Continue reading

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